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red spots from stretching

red spots from stretching

I have gotten some red spots from stretching. I find this very odd and It has only been happening the past few weeks. Does anybody experience this and furthermore, what might I be doing wrong?

Where exactly are the red spots? You may be stretching with too much blood in your unit, as stretching can cause high pressures beyond your stretching hand, depending on grip style and location.

Try stretching at a more flaccid state, and also don’t neglect warming up. It is vital if you get red spots easily, unless you really don’t mind discolouration. I dislike mine but have had one neutral and one positive comment on it.

If you mean little red dots, don’t worry about it. You tend to get them when you first start PE or when you do a new exercise or increase the intensity of an exercise you’re already doing.

They should go away after a few days as the tissues condition to the stresses. If not, go easy for a few days and build up the work gradually.


I have been doing PE for over a year now and I am aware of what they are.

I was querying because I had never gotten them from simply stretching before. I have found that hot wrapping makes them go away.

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