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Red marks On Bottom Shaft :

Red marks On Bottom Shaft :

Well, I’ve been hanging a little with the CCHO3 maybe with like 7lbs at the most.. And I don’t know, first my skin got all flaky and started peeling, including the skin around my testicles, then I got this red painful mark on the underside of my shaft close to the head, by the tube that you pee through. It’s like red most of the time now, and besides putting lotion on it, I don’t know what to do to make it go back to normal. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Sounds like you might be allergic to something. Looking at the CCH3 thread it might be the Superglue.

Well, I haven’t been using the CCH3 for over a week now. I still get flaking on my skin, and the red hurtful spots are still there. I have stopped aggravating it though, and been putting some lotion on it, and triple antibiotic cream once and a while. But I still get flaking, this is getting annoying. My shaft is always dry and flaky, even the top part is starting to flake, although theres no red spots there. What can I do?

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