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Recovery question

Recovery question

I was wondering if any of the vets have a suggestion to help me with my problem. I Pe regularly and was wondering if there was a way to speed up the recovery process. Cause I want to be able to perform at night eventhough I worked out during the day

Good question.

I have been wondering about this my self. Unfortunately I don’t know, theman. Hope anyone else does.

If you are planning on doing a split session, or several broken down sessions throughout the day, then the degree of intensity has to be taken into account somewhat, as well as your schedule.

If you go all out with a super intense morning session, you should be adequately stressed and broken down enough so that you can recover and heal during the course of the day, leading to you to be able to continue on the next day, or whatever your schedule routine is, which could be every other day. If you are on a 1 on 1 off schedule, then you might be able to do two mid-intense sessions per day, morning and evening! This will leave you with a whole day in between to recover.

For the most part though, it would be a good idea to gauge if your ready to go another session later on in the day by mostly how your penis feels! If it still feels sore and aches (the good ache) then I would probably wait until the next scheduled session, which would be the next day on a 3 on 1 off cycle, if that’s your schedule!

As for speeding up the healing process, all I know is that it takes time, and I don’t know of any way to speed up the time.

However, if you were to take supplements, it may help! I know that supplements will just provide you with the elements needed for cellular repairation (is that a word?) according to the type of supplements, of course. I don’t know if supplements will speed the rate of recovery, though. Hypothetically theorizing though, when comparing a person who supplements versus a person who doesn’t, it might be possible. Who knows!

Having a healthy diet also certainly wouldn’t hurt, either! You would get almost all of what you needed for cellular repairation, at least the semi-essential elements. The essential elements you would need to supplement with, if you choose to.

Well, these are my musings about it, anyways! :)

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

I stretch my tunica in the morning, jelq and do girth routine around noon. An hour after I finish with my girth workout, I use theraband to engorge my penis for 1/2 hr session, and then I stretch before I go to bed at night. I use heat before and after each session except the engorging session. I was wondering if maybe heating after that would help increase the speed of my recovery period.

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