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Recondition yourself after a long break

Recondition yourself after a long break

Hey everyone,

I’m back from months of being absent. I think the last time I was on the forum was May or June of 2006.

I became too busy to continue with the PE-ing.

I decided to get back into shape and begin PE-ing recently. I believe that I may have lost the gains that I had achieved last year, albeit it was only for a few months.

So, this morning I did 30 min of clamping and put on the ADS, modified with a suction head.

I did remove some of the extenders on the ADS, but apparently not enough.

I wore the ADS for 3 hours not noticing any pain or problems. I used to wear it for about an hour or two, relax and put it on again. Just like the pot boils over when you are on the phone, time passed while I was busy.

I didn’t even notice that 3 hours had elapse.

After taking off the ADS I noticed a water blister on the end of the glans and a few other blood blisters. There is some discolouration around where the compression sleeve was.

I will post some pictures soon.

My Theory:
* 3 hours is way too long.
* Need to recondition first, before jumping back in full steam
* Or *this is quite normal and others have experienced the same.

I will post the pics and maybe someone can tell me whether it is the norm.

I’ve experience no pain though.

I’m going to relax a bit until the blisters go away, though.

Sounds like you need to re-condition. Did you get the water blister on day 1?

Ok, it’s been six days since the injury. The blisters eventually shrank and turned a little dark.

One of the larger ones started to separate, as blisters and scabs will do. Underneath is fresh skin that bleeds, I’ve slid the scab back on and put on some antibacterial cream (the neosporin, polysporin variety)

So, if any of you are using a suckextender or vacuum thingy make sure you stop every 20min - 1 hour and not when you can feel something.

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