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Recently returned to PE, please suggest a girth routine for me.


Originally Posted by Sizemeister
This exercise scares me too.

Yes, slinkys are really intense at 80% erect level. But doin them at an lower procent erection in a slower motion works at least that good.. throwing them in once a while in a dry jelq session with some ullis at the end takes the jelqing a step further. Dry jelqing, bending, ullis and Sadsak head exercise as an finish is great girth combo.

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Heat is the key!

Originally Posted by Renholder
One of the big gainers here, Braindrain, got his gains from doing “Perfect jelqing”, basically 10 minutes morning and evening and trying to keep his penis engorged all the time.

Don’t underestimate the jelq. :)

Don’t underestimate the risk of bruising and burst capillaries either.

If you just rely on the jelq, you may get injuries rather than advanced gains.

And I am not reactionary, but holy hell do slinkies seem dangerous.

Research pumping and clamping here. They really took me farther.

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Such Spartan training is for the champ. -Bruce Lee

I would also like to have a routine suggestion.
Another question, what is the newbie routine I saw people talk on the forum?

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