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Recent Gains

Recent Gains

I’ve been doing a stretch-only workout for a while now. I’m using an old ruler (no mm’s on it), so I can’t offer the precision that I’m used to, but I am now past the 7 3/4” mark (BP). My max before was 7.8” (briefly, did not duplicate it), but I’m beyond that now. I’m almost 7 7/8” BP.

If you’ll recall, I was at 7.72” BP for a long time. Then I took a complete break of more than 1/2 year, and lost some size. But I’ve been stretching it constantly - possibly a nervous kind of reaction, with all the stress I’m under. But in the evenings, I’ll sit around in my sweat pants with a bottle of baby powder and go to town. Its almost become like a stress-reliever, more than a quest for more length (although, that’s obviously what results).

I have been stretching so damn much, that I’m actually getting small (and painful) open wounds on my shaft. And the curious thing, they’re not where I grip. They appear to be splits in the skin from so much stretching - as in the skin getting pulled apart. I’ve never had this type of reaction before, but I’ve never stretched quite like this before either.

When I finally started back, doing this routine, I was around 7 1/2 BP or a hair over. I’m now nearing 8 - in only a matter of weeks. But I stretch like a fiend. About 80% of my stretch time is straight up (and about 35-40% of those are bundled). Another 15% of my time is straight-out, and maybe 5% straight down [trying to stress tunica gains, not lig gains].

I stretch 7 days per week, maybe 2 hours per day (with some breaks because my hands tire so badly). But I do log about 2 hours per day, but the dick is splitting. I’ll need a brief break - maybe a week - to let them heal. Any over the counter suggestions for the skin splits?

Gains good:) wounds bad:(

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Two hours of manual stretching ! Impressive ! Impressive gains also ! Are you make only one session ? And why are you focuses only on tunica gains ?

Also, I can’t understand what is bundled stretch, it’s something like axial twister in length of penis (how many degrees - 180 / 360 ??) and pull in the same time ?

In DLD Blaster he said if you are pulling straight up (using kegel), you’ll hit yours ligs. This is contrary to what I know - for hitting ligs you have to pull down, right? I’m a little bit confused.

Thanks for any reply and sorry for asking this here, on your thread, wad, actually I like all your threads ;) !


I have been getting those open wound types of skin splits too. I use vitamin E oil and of course, neosporin. I take one of those Advance Care second skin type small bandaids, place some neosporin on it and heal. What I’ve noticed though is when I jelq hard they get dark purple like they aren’t fully healed. I’ve got 3 of them progressing from the base along the top of my shaft. They heal up nice and moderate jelqing doesn’t cause them to discolor much but a good hard dry jelq sure does. I’d take care of them like any other skin wound and be carefull while jelqing.

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Wad, have you tried hanging?

I think pe (most of it) releases some type of endorphines.

This becomes a problem when we use these endophines as medication for stress…it makes us over do it.

I don’t know if you intend to do that much stretching, or the time just creeps up on you.

It seems like an awful lot, it also seems like it will quickly slam you into the overtrained-fibrous situation again.

However, you do have a lot of experience and knowlege, and it is your dick.

I would just suggest to make a objective decision about how much time you want to do per week, and don’t let stress extend it beyond that decision.

Congrats on the gains Wad!
I’d second the recommondation for Neosporin to help the wounds heal more quickly.

To ease the soreness/tiredness of your hands, try this.

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? on stretches


Are these killer (make your body shake, hands quiver, sweat inducing) stretches or the gentler ones that “biggainer” from your old high school used?

Thanks - FE

Originally Posted by wadzilla

I stretch 7 days per week, maybe 2 hours per day (with some breaks because my hands tire so badly). But I do log about 2 hours per day, but the dick is splitting. I’ll need a brief break - maybe a week - to let them heal. Any over the counter suggestions for the skin splits?

Wad, I don’t want to condescend to a veteran like you, but if something is harmful, stop it. 2 hours per day? What’s the rush? You are gaining. Just gain a little slower (or faster!?) by going slower.

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I wonder if all the baby powder is not somewhat responsible for your skin wounds Wad?Don’t they normally use baby powder to keep things dry? Maybe you should try your stretches with some rubber gloves instead of all the powder.I’m no expert,it’s just a thought.Congratulations on some very impressive gains too!

Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think Neosporin is a good idea.

I twist usually 360-540 degrees.

Glad I’m not the only one (not trying to be sarcastic).

Yeah, I’ve tried it a number of times, but I just couldn’t get it right. I don’t have a good flaccid, but even when stretch-wrapped, my tool is conical - which makes it tougher to get an even grip with the wingnuts. I also have a lot of skin (I’m cut, but modestly). Everytime I’ve hung, I got pain and a cold dick head. If I loosened it too much, I got slippage. Bib tried to help me a lot, and I read all I could about the various wraps, adjustments, etc. Out of more than 20 total sets of hanging I’ve tried, only 2 were without pain - but even those resulted in an icy glans. My particular genital configuration does not appear to be conducive to hanging.

In the bundled position, you don’t really need to pull very hard to get a good stretch. But they vary in intensity; as my hands and fingers cramp/tire, the intensity gradually lessens. But I’m still fairly strong, so I wouldn’t dare pull until my body was “shaking.”

Like I said, its almost a nervous type of reaction. I’ve never stretched like this before, but the gains are happening right before my eyes and, furthermore, this type of regimen doesn’t seem toilsome to me. In the past, I would’ve never even considered doing this, but now its actually “soothing” to me in some bizarre way.

I’ve wondered if the talc is drying out, but luvdadus found the latex gloves to be even more irritating.

Thanks for all the replies.

Welcome back Wad. Glad to hear that you have been gaining well in your absence

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