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Reasons for PE and success in overcoming them.


Reasons for PE and success in overcoming them.

We’ve had several questions recently about how certain anatomical or physiological things can be treated with PE. I’ve been reading posts here for two years and have a general idea of how successful PE can be for certain things. I’d like to make this list and ask you all to help arrange it in the most successful to least as far as the item being “fixed” by PE.

1. Premature ejaculation
2. Erectile dysfunction (impotence) *
3. Length
4. Girth
5. Curves
6. Erection angle

The list is in my order. The thing I believe is easiest to fix is premature ejaculation. The hardest to fix is erection angle. I’m not counting emotional things like feelings of self worth, relationships with women, locker room bravado, etc. I’m asking about physical things.

How would you rank them and would you add others?

* ED/impotence - depends on the cause, here I mean “simple” ED, not due to a disease like diabetes.

My priorities are:

1 - Length
2 - Girth
3 - Stamina

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I came back to this twice after some thought, perhaps to rearrange, but I really can’t. The only thing I can think of is that erectile dysfunction can be just about anywhere depending on the cause and there may be many. Injury, psychological, imbalance…call it a wildcard.

Erection angle? Well, if someone desires to lower it, hanging may well do that pretty reliably. Consider the raising of the angle, PE as a possible remedy pretty much falls down the list.

Nice list, I wouldn’t mind hearing other thoughts on the above issues.

For me, E.D. The other issues pale in comparison. Those morning woodies are all thanks to P.E.


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PE also makes your penis more veiny(more veins are more visible). It’s not really a good or bad thing, but it usually does happen. PE can also give you stronger erections, better flacid hang, and increase in size. Most others we’re already mentioned.

I might split up length and girth into flaccid and erect length and girth, since the goals, methods, and ease of results of flaccid and erect gain can be different.

This might go under the “Premature Ejaculation” category, but PE probably also treats penis over-sensitivity.

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1) Mild-to-Moderate E.D (thence Titanium Erections)

2) Erect Girth

3) The end of “acorn dick syndrome”

4) Better Control

5) Penile Vascularity

6) Erect Length

7) A darker dick (don’t know if this is necessarily a plus, just a difference)

From what I’ve seen or heard wad, people have gained length more better than girth.

Yes. I’m not asking for one’s priorities. Rather which is “easier” to obtain with PE. Some have asked how they can change their erection angle. I don’t think it’s possible (except as groa said, to lower it) so it’s last on my list. I also believe length is easier to obtain with PE than girth, thus it’s higher on my list.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence)

In that order, from what I’ve seen reported here and from my own personal PE experience.
Erection quality is a good indicator on how my workout is: lower quality often means I’ve worked it too much, and I need to make adjustments to optimise gains in all of the above departments.

Premature ejaculations
Erection angle

I don’t know about these; they weren’t issues of mine.

Another issue I came to think of: discoloration. How to remove it by wrapping (and/or massaging): Wrapping to remove discoloration

I’ve tried massaging some old discoloration on my glands. I’ve removed some of the discoloration, but not all, so far. Hard to say where in the PE success ladder I would put this one, but probably neither first nor last.

In any case having a rather big downcurve (and a slight prolly self-caused right curve by masturbation ;) ) I’ve still to see a method of curvature correction that actually works :(

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Originally Posted by westla90069

Yes. I’m not asking for one’s priorities. Rather which is “easier” to obtain with PE. Some have asked how they can change their erection angle. I don’t think it’s possible (except as groa said, to lower it) so it’s last on my list. I also believe length is easier to obtain with PE than girth, thus it’s higher on my list.

Yes, I was stating in order the most pronounced characteristics/effects I’ve obtained from PE. The change in my erection strength was the most notable (thus it tops my list), followed by my erect girth gains. My erect length gains - not too great - ranked only 6th in order.

Foreskin restoration’s also a side-effect of PEing, although I don’t know if you’d consider it a reason. See horsehung’s post, Foreskin Restauration. I guess if you consider the foreskin a part of the penis, that’d be penis enlargement. Although strictly speaking, if we’re talking about fixing curves, ED, erection angle, etc., shouldn’t PE stand for “penis enhancement” instead of “penis enlargement”? You wouldn’t even have to change the acronym.

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