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Reasons for PE 2: what's your story

I started with a 5.5 x 4.5. I once got a comment on how small I am. I’m not sure if subconsciously that drove me here, but the real reason is for me.

I know what average is, no matter what a girl says.

But even then, all I want is to break mediocrity. If I was average at anything I did, then I wouldn’t do it.

Thankfully PE is real, I’ve been at it about 6 months and I’m approaching 7 inches.

I was checking online to buy pills and stretching machines then I ran into this site. I’m about to start my PE program for the first time today. I’m completely excited. My BPEL is 5.75” and EG is 5” I’m shooting for BPEL 7” and EG 6”.

I can not really remember how I found this site. All I know is that for some reason I have wanted a bigger dick as far as I remember. And now that it’s big I’m a pretty happy swedish camper :D .

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I’ve always been average at anything I’ve done in my life really, never great. Watching my brothers porn collection during my early teenage years showed me that there are some big guys out there but I never really worried about it because I thought they were the minority. I never received any complaints about my size, but one day a group of girls in my college were talking about their boyfriend’s penis sizes and one girl dragged me into it by asking me how big I was. I just laughed it off and didn’t answer but some of the girls were whispering that they bet I had a huge one, which embarrassed me because I knew mine was fairly small. That conversation drove me to obsessively scan the internet for answers about whether I was average at yet another thing in my life. I found out that my 6.5 NBPEL x 5 was roughly the supposed average after trawling through countless ‘official surveys’ and such, but the last website I looked at was (highly recommend) which changed my view. After reading it thoroughly and also the authors experience with PE I was thrilled to know I had a chance to change my average penis into something better. It was this website that pointed me in the direction of Thunders and I have not looked at another site since. I said I would donate as soon as I made a gain-no matter how small- and unfortunately nearly 2 years on I am still the same size but I will donate soon anyway because of the support and advice that I have gained through being here. I always seem to have to work twice as hard to get half as far in life, but I rarely give up so I will carry on grafting until I reach my long term goal of 8x6 after all, the first step is always the hardest.

Wish you good luck of you Journey beenie, just keep your head up you will break through that wall some day. I love your never say die attitude.


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Originally Posted by wanna_be_huge
I read that you started at 5.5 inches and that your approaching 7” I was wondering what was your program and what did you gains schedule look like? Please help I would love to get started.

Before you read any of this, keep in mind I am slightly obsessed with PE. After realizing how much easier girth is than length, I am currently striving for length the most.

The 1st month I did basic jelqs, this basically does nothing but really conditions. No gains really, but you can’t go straight into hard stuff, or you’ll break yur dick. You will understand how much it can handle after a little while.

I got into Jelq squeezes on the 2nd month, mixed with regular jelqs. I did about 30 mins total 2 days on 1 off. This didn’t give any large noticable gains, but there were gains for sure.

3rd month was mainly jelq squeezes with a few basic jelqs, for about 45 mins a day. I also added in 5 mins of stretching and v stretches. This month I got most of my newbie gains, I got about .5 of an inch both ways. I did experience some erectile disfuntion though from so much PE, so I layed off for about 4 days and it healed.

4th-5th month I kept at this routine and didnt see any gains, or just very very slight gains, so I figured I plateaued after newbie gains. I increased stretches gradually to about 10 mins per day, jelq squeezes only for about 20-30 mins. Still no signs of length, but some slight girth.

6th month is about where I’m at now, I bought a AutoExtender Hanger, and used it for ADS and weight hanging. I started it trying out ADS (all day stretch) wrapped it around my waist. It is very uncomfortable, and I’ve tried every variation to keep it comfortable but nothing works. I’ve tried putting an ace bandage along my waist so it doesnt dig in, but it still does. So I don’t really ADS any more, although it is a decent stretcher if you keep it on. I added every single kind of stretch to my routine, and I hang mostly now. I started at 3 pounds, and I moved up to 8 in this past month.

My current routine:

1) Warm up - in the shower with the hot water on my unit for a few minutes
2) Jelq Squeeze for 15-20 minutes
3) Give it a rest for an hour or so, so the erection goes down fully, but still has good blood flow in it from jelqs.
4) Hang at 8 pounds at different angles, for a total of about 1.5-2 hours. I’ve done every angle there is, the more angles the better.
5) Then I added in Mem’s Momentous Stretch Morning Length routine onto mine the just yesterday. I will see how it works with hanging, my dick seems to handle it. It consists of basically an Aided Inverted V-Stretch for 20 minutes. Check the movies to see how it’s done.
6) And I also do random stretches in between my hangs just for extra help.

As you can see I spend about 3 hours a day, 3 days on 1 day off per week. I usually just watch TV while I hang, or talk on the internet or w/e. Same with Mem’s stretch, but since I’m using both hands, I can only watch TV.

My current stats are about 6.8 x 5.25, and this past month I’ve gotten about .75 of an inch length from hanging. I can feel more to come too, as I start to add weight. You will feel fatigue in your dick, thats when you know your getting a workout.

GL with you and PE. I hope this helps

Why did I start PEing.. Hm.. Let me think. Probably for the same reason as everyone. My starting measurements were quite normal BPEL 6.97 and EG 5.12.

The main reason for starting is my current girlfriend. We’re together for 1,5 years. She’s the most sex-experienced person I’ve EVER met. (And she was only 19,5 years old when I met her). She has done everything known to mankind!(Well almost everything).

I had a lot of relationships in the past. All of my previous girlfriends thought of me as being very good in bed. Generally my self esteem was always too high.

But when I learned what my current girlfriend has done I felt like something was stubbing my self esteem. I don’t know why..

Well my point is that I think my gf had TOO many sex partners. When I realised that her pussy felt very loose I knew it was time for PE.

I can easily f*ck her with a big dildo that I have (8.66 Length and 6.7 Girth) so that’s why I feel that my BPEL 6.97 and EG 5.12 dick is small for her.


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