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Reasons for PE 2: what's your story

Before I even looked for PE on the Internet or anywhere or even heard that PE was possible, I invented myself a stretching routine which gave me a quick inch in length.

I got a few “big comments” from the girls with who I slept with until I fell in love with this girl who destroyed all my confidence by repeatedly calling my dick small, telling me that I was bad at sex and basically making me feel more like cute little boy rather than a man all the way through our relationship. That’s when I started looking for more documented ways to enlarge my penis and found Thunder’s.

I’ve dumped that bitch 3 years ago now and I gained another 0.75 el since then (hey, that’s 1.75” total!). All the girls I’ve had sex with since I dumped this girlfriend who destroyed my sexual confidence gave me the “big comment” and that’s why I PE. I still believe that penis size has little to do with sexual satisfaction for most women. PE is all about “ego-satisfaction” for me.

I started PE because my girlfriend tells me I have a big dick. All my ex girlfriend’s have told me I have a big dick. Many could have been called cock worshipers. I had a threesome with my girlfriend and her best friend (girl as well) and she also thought my dick was very big. In fact they always make little comments on how I have a big dick, magnum this or that.. This is why I PE. I have never felt big nor do I consider myself big. I PE to make myself feel like I can live up to “their” big comments.

This is all so subjective , but relative at the same time .

We want a bigger dick because it feels good , it is more fun , more exciting , etc.

Personally , I enjoy it when an experienced , older woman I am about to bone grabs my cock and says something like ” Oh my God , you are huge ! ” .

Or watching as a hot soccer mom struggles , gagging and drooling , to swallow all of my cock , and fails to get the last inch or two .

Perhaps I should make an analogy .

It is like having a car , a hundred horse power Honda Civic will get you where you want to go , and is a perfectly functional means of conveyance , but a six hundred horsepower Ferrari 612 Scaglietti just feels better .

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^ What he said^

Right on the money….

Originally Posted by Muscular_Beaver

It is like having a car , a hundred horse power Honda Civic will get you where you want to go , and is a perfectly functional means of conveyance , but a six hundred horsepower Ferrari 612 Scaglietti just feels better .

Pure genius! Shakespeare wouldn’t have been able to write it in such good words.

Had a fairly big dick, enjoyed the compliments, so I wanted a REALLY big dick. AWE is even better than compliments …

*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics


*I measure PRE-WORKOUT, normal erection* Started: 7 EBP x 4.9 EG. Several years on and off PE, now 8.125 EBP length x 5.5 EG midshaft (5.8 base). Working on girth (clamping) again after breaks due to injuries - fast recent gains! Pics

totally agree dangleman

Driver of a Lambourghini Dick

I had a hard time staying hard under sex sometimes, I searched for an answer and I found thunder’s place on Wikipedia. Jelq and Kegels.

Gone cementing - Started (2005): 7.25 NBPEL 5.7 EGMS. 5 years later (2010): 8.25 NBPEL 6.3 EGMS. 8 years later, 3 years with no PE (2013): 8.1 NBPEL 5.9 EGMS

I originally wanted to work in the valley (over in California). Most of the time I’ve been PEing it’s been for that reason, and because I wanted to feel more like a guy (the same reasons I’ve been bulking up in the gym).

I’m not so sure that that’s really what I want to do any more, but I’ve got to get a job soon and if work sucks as bad as it always has for me it’ll probably be hasta la vista baby, California rescue me.

It’s strange because for a long time I’ve been thinking of my schlong as an asset, which is a funny way to feel about your cock (and which is why I’ve been feeling really beaten up about some discolouration I’ve experienced recently).

Also— I just wanted a big dick to suite my character (I want a nose job too), and had the time to do it (I knew that because of my depression I wasn’t going to be working for a while), so I though not doing it would just be sheer laziness and a totally wasted opportunity, since what guy doesn't want a bigger dick?

It’s good for me psychologically also— it makes me happy and gives me something special to look forward to, plus it’s given me a sense of purpose, to motivate me to work at home (okay— so when I say ‘work at home’ I mean I sell stuff on ebay— but I still bust my hump doing it, and it’s good OT for someone with my kind of depression).

Another benefit is that it kind of redresses the power-balance in the female:male relationship. Since most men are so obsessed with screwing anything, any time, and willing to do or say anything for “pussy” the competition is pretty fierce, which means women can more or less pick and choose, and sorry if this pisses people off, but I’m just not that desperate— you’ll never find me in that arena, and having a big dick releases me from that. The female of the species might have the “all things to all men” holiest of holy ‘pussy’, but I’ve got something equally special (and I really hope I get to use it soon).

Previously known as Mr. Fantastic


Size Myths in the Porn Industry

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For me I have always been a person (Like 99% of everyone on this board) who hates being average. I don’t necessarily do it for girls, but one time I was with my now-ex (as of last week) girlfriend, nad we were screwing around and I took my flaccid dick and hit her stomach with it or something and she goes “Stop hitting me with that little thing!” That was just the breaking point of when I decided to actually get a routine etc. PE makes me feel better, I think PE will make you feel better about yourself, knowing that you have A: Accomplished something, B: Trusting a girl. It is our own personal insecurities that make us jealous. C: I love when I see my veiny monster come alive and get bigger every month.

Also seeing the fruits of your labor is awesome. Nothing like hearing a comment like “Wow that was the first time I gagged.” or “I don’t know why, but it hurts when we have sex now.”

And thunders is the shizznit!

Start: NBP: 6 - Girth: 4.7

Now: NBP: 7 - Girth: A hair below 5"

Goals: NBP - 7.5 .... Girth - 5.5

I started at 7.3-7.5” NPB with Mid shaft EG of about 5.75” and 6” at base. I can’t really be called small. All the girls I’ve been with have said I’m ‘quite’ big, big, or huge. But my current girlfriend said nothing about my size when she first saw my penis. She even looked a little unimpressed to me in comparison.
We had a talk about penis sizes after that (stupid I know) and she said she thought I was average. Which really got to me.
Reason being, she wasnt THAT experianced, she been with guys but hadnt slept with them. And had claimed to have seen some monsters.
Which immediately got to me when se estimated them being 10-11” when comparing to mine.
When I think about it, shes very bad at judging size, and the guys she went out with before were alot shorter probably making their penis’ look bigger…. but at the end of the day, if she thought they were bigger they probably were.
I’m thinking something more around the 9” mark. Which has become my goal, as well as a respectable girth of 6.5”~ mid shaft.

Immediately fter this convo I turned to PE.
I always had an issue with my size, butprevious partners had kept me easy about it. Though I still thought I was only just above average.

Watching the porn got me into the P.E business but I have no intention to be a porn star.

Both sides of my family has a history of diabetes, and while I don’t have diabetes, I had to deal with erectile dysfunction at an early age. At about 19, my erections began to get softer during sex, and at age 20, I became an official one-minute man.

My penis was actually big (8X6) at age 18, but do to my erection problems, it went down to 7.5X5.5. My ex girlfriend, who was with me when my problem became severe used to make fun of me for it, but at that time, I didn’t know that I had a problem. I thought that it happened to all guys at one time or another, so I laughed it off and didn’t really care.

But then when I got with my current girlfriend in January 2005, my problem began to get worse. I could barely get erections, and if I did, I could only last during sex for a minute or so. Mind you, I thought I had the biggest dick in the world because of all of the comments I’d received in the past.

Well one day, my current girlfriend and I got into a discussion about size. She told me that I need to stop being arrogant about my dick because she has had bigger. She told me I was the longest she has ever seen, but that my dick was “long and pointy”, and women measure size by how big around it is. In response, I told her that due to my erection problems, it had shrunk, and it used to be bigger (which was in fact true).

At this point, I began to take my problem very seriously. I started doing research on erectile dysfunction. I had heard about jelqing a long time ago at age 18, and had even tried it with very slight results, but quit because I was pretty content with my size. But I couldn’t really jelq now because my erections were weak. I also heard about stretching, which I had never attempted. So started stretching my penis with a homemade stretching device while at my overnight job, but after a month of discomfort and no results, I quit stretching.

One day, went on eBay and got some pills, and they worked!! They contained Niacin and Zinc. I had no idea what those two things did, but I was happy.but only for a short while because we develop a tolerance to Niacin.

To make the longest story shorter, I spent about a year experimenting trying to figure out what supplements to take, and what exercises to do (that’s how I stumbled upon And honestly, it has only been within the last couple of months that I found out how to maintain my erection any time I want (until then, there were good and bad days). But in addition to my exercises, I’ve got my hard-ons back, which has led me to grow quite a bit, and when super-hard, I can hit 9” on the ruler. My current girth is 6.5 easily.

My girlfriend has noticed the change, and has told me that my thickness is either a little bigger or the same as that other guy. But I’ll take the same as, because I’m the longest. She also brags to everyone about my size, which I love, because she sure can’t brag about me having money!

I eventually want to achieve Shane Diesel’s girth, and surpass it, which means I’ve got an entire inch to go. I’ll leave the length record to guys like Mandingo and Lexington Steel; I don’t think I’ll ever reach 11” in length.maybe, just maybe 10”.

Driver of a Lambourghini Dick

Originally Posted by businessmitchel
She also brags to everyone about my size, which I love, because she sure can’t brag about me having money!



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