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Reasons for NOT sleeping with PE device on


Thanks man I was curious my self

Yes, I have done that.

Time ago, before buying penismaster I did my own penis master with a book. I sticked aid bands to the head of the penis. several of them and I sticked to the book. It works the whole night because it doesn’t interrupt the blood flow, it’s just sticked to the skin of the head. Sometimes the problem is to unstick the aid band, but it easier to do it with warm water.

I did that for serveral weeks and when penis master came I did the same thing. The best thing to stick it is the white aid band, I don’t know if it has a specific name.

Nevertheless I am not using it any more, I am doing another diferent thing of doing a full life PE that works better. But I will let you know after.

Originally Posted by LoveMachine
Ok guys I have been pondering this idea myself and have almost had the confidence to pull it off after reasoning with myself and based on my personal expierences.

The closest I got to wearing say a ADS or penis extender device is by using a traction wrap (which one time woke me up at night from the pressure built up under the traction wrap then I took it off and went back to sleep, no other problems). Another time my dick was really fatigued and I traction wrapped a little bit less tight as I had before and I had no problems keeping my dick extended as I slept because I had wrapped the traction wrap to be fairly loose so the the pressure was less great on my penis if I were to get a erection. The reason why I even had the balls/courage/stupidty (depending how you look at it and who you ask) to do this was because I had done expierments to check and observe what the results were when I got a erection after I put on the traction wrap. I noted that basically when I wrapped a certain way pressure would build up too much and/or the glans might balloon too big for comfort for me and I also noted by traction wrapping a different way and getting a test erection that my dick could handle the pressure genereated (which was less) and then when my erection subsided the wrap would be nice and loose afterwords and allow for furthur erections and return to flaccid state easily without any problems. It was this last observation that gave me the confidence to use the traction wrap while sleeping which resulted in the results I listed above…

I don’t think anyone should attempt anything like this unless they really know what they are doing and how whatever form of PE they want to sleep with they have much expierence and knowledge of that along with good reasoning and maybe some erection test expierments like I did above for sleeping with a traction wrap.

This is good for thought. I cannot realistically tell anyone whether using PE devices during night is bad or good for you. It depends on many factors. How conditioned and healthy your dick is, do you have wet-dreams, are you a light sleeper or heavy. would you use a alarm clock to time how long you wore the device while sleeping, should your dick have break time from wearing any PE device if you had been wearing it all day; so the question would be what PE have you done today and is your dick overtrained or not? You guys see. There is no simple answer to this question and it’s going to take someone who is either really stupid and just attempts and makes great gains or someone who does stuff like I do and expierments and knows exactly what is going on then has the balls to attempt it and notes the results. We will not really know if this is good or bad until one person says its good and make great gains from it and then sparks other peoples interest in trying this whomever that may be. It also can be seen from the facts I’ve written here that PE really is a very individual thing and one must know himself very well as well as take good advice from others who PE to really intelligently be able to decide to PE in this manner or not.

The fact is that no one really needs to PE in there sleep and we only are asking ourselves this because we believe there may be a way to get quicker gains from it. Yet, no one really knows until someone brave enough to step up attempts and makes or doesn’t make great gains from it over a period of time and then reports truthly his expierences.

I know it’s an old post but thank you for sharing your most interesting thoughts on this subject.


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