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Reason(s) for starting PE


Reason(s) for starting PE

Hey everyone,

I’ve been reading through a lot of threads since joining the forum and have noticed that there are a lot of different reasons why people started PE.

Personally, I found this forum while searching for ways to improve sexual performance, as well as penile and prostate health. I am doing exercises to improve overall size, but the actual size gain is pretty much secondary to me (perhaps because I started as the average 6.5x5).

I was wondering what motivated you to start out PE. Some people seem to be concerned primarily about increasing size, and some seem to care about the health aspects, and still others want overall improvement in all aspects.

I guess I just wanted to see responses all in one area, just so I could get a feel for everyone’s individual motivations for starting his PE journey. So feel free to respond and tell me what made you start. Maybe it was a girlfriend commenting on size, or maybe it was just to boost self-confidence, or maybe it was for whatever other reason. Regardless, I’d be interested in seeing what everyone has to say.


PS: If there is already a dedicated thread on this topic, just hit me up with a thread link so I can check that out.

I have always wanted to have a bigger dick, tried half heartedly for 3 years to do jelqing workouts with a paysite, never stuck with it for more than 2-3 days at a time, so no gains. An ex gf (who I was still completely hung up over, and I mean COMPLETELY) told me a few months after the breakup that she was dissapointed with my size (for the 7.5 months we dated, she kept telling me I was big). I have been haunted ever since. That day I got serious about PE. Found peforum on the internet and shortly after was referred to here.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it" What would twatteaser do? ---- Now known as 8-ball - *

I’ve been teased about my size before, but none of that ever got to my head to the point where I was thinking, “Shit! I need a bigger dick man.”

It’s funny how the honey I lost my virginity to and the first few after her that I had sex with never complained or teased me about my size (that was back in high school), but the few I’ve been with afterwards have teased me (now in college) or called my dick Big Boy and then laughed.

In fact, my first college lay, who was a few weeks after starting college, told me she hadn’t had sex in months after her break up with her boyfriend, yet the first time we went at it, we were both kind of drunk, and she kept asking me, “are you SURE it’s in all the way?!?” “Positive??”

Keep in mind I’m in a dorm room too, and I heard chuckles coming from outside. I probably would have been a lot more pissed off if I weren’t drunk, but she never teased me or commented about it to me.

I realized there’s no point in PEing for a person, cause you never know if/when you’ll lose them (this may be different when it comes to someone you’re married to though), and then you’ll probably lose motivation to keep going, since the whole process was being done based on someone’s comments.

So I’ve ended up doing it for myself. A reason I had for deciding to go for this was that I’ve wanted to walk on a nude beach with the pride one day to have something large between my legs (…and I’m not talking about swollen testicles) so I can walk up to some naked beauty on the beach with a line like, “How’s it hanging?”

That’s pretty much my inspiration. Well I’ve also been pumping iron and working out in general, so I just saw my dick as another body part to make larger…but wasn’t sure that was technically possible to do with conventional methods.

That changed when I was poised find out if it were really possible or not to enlarge your dick naturally, thanks to all of those goddamn Internet advertisements and pop ups.

One day all these PE advertisements kept coming up on some sites I was browsing, and after the 4th or 5th advertisement I wanted to see what the hell the big ploy was all about.

One of the pay sites had convinced me with their testimonials page as well as sample exercises, but I wasn’t too happy.

Of course I ended up paying for the membership at this pay site that ended up being terrible, with an uncaring owner who barely made updates and barely made the PE process clear at all, but the site’s forum lead me to finding free open forums with other PEers who were also disappointed by their investment.

Eventually someone brought up Thunder’s Place in one of these other forums, and that was when I got here and saw how many threads and people were actually doing this and making achievements, that was ultimately what persuaded me that this may actually work, and why I’m always wanting to do this everyday.

You could list a huge long list of reasons to start doing PE.
The obvious ones; to get a bigger and healthier dick, and please your lover(s) more.

But the bottom line is that the only real reason you should do PE is for yourself. You should only do it if you feel that your current size is a problem, and that it is your problem.

like gandolf, If you are average or above, and some bitch tells you that you’re too small or whatever, you should whip straight back with “sure you’re not too loose? What kind of objects do you normally have up there?”

because, it is a vastly overlooked fact that a guy’s dick is only half the equation.

I think alot of guys who are planning to gain huge amounts in order to ‘fill the void’ are setting themselves up for dissapointment, because, I’m not saying it’s impossible to gain 3,4,5 inches, but because they were trying to gain those inches for the wrong reasons ie to try to please an ungrateful partner(s)

If there is truly such a noticeable size differece between you and your partner, talk to her about it. Discuss it calmly, logically, and delicately. Kegel exercises were originally developed for women, and if your partner is too lazy to try to make a difference with these when you are so obviously concerned with the mismatch then why you should bother with PE to please her dumbfounds me.

Hi D_S

Getting firmer erections has been the primary reason I became interested in PE’ing. I’m over 60 years old and the pecker just doesn’t perform as well as when I was young. I’ve been doing some jelqing with kegling every other day (about 20 min. per day) and the results have been positive, my erections are better now than 6 months ago.

Also I’ve noticed a small increase in girth, about 1/8 of an inch, not much but its noticeable to me. My #’s are about the same as yours.

In my opinion, if your looking for support, help and friendly PE’ers, you have come to the right place, this is the best PE forum on the net.


What I never knew, I never will forget!

why I started

Within a couple of seconds of putting my dick in my wife I would cum… My wife timed me once at 3 seconds! Last year my wife had an affair on me and I found out about it the hard way…. Fuck that hurt! I went straight to the doctor who suggested I go on a low dose of ssri’s which I tried for a short (too short) a time.. I didn’t like what I saw they did to my wife so I went back and asked him if there was anything else.. My doctor suggested trying these exercises where you squeeze under the head right before you are going to cum—— end result I was not happy with that either…

I did a search on the internet for premature ejaculation and came up with all these pumping sites. I bought a pump (cheap shitty model).. Within a month I tossed the pump and did another search on the internet for “PE” (short for Premature Ejaculation)… I found and since it was free and had nothing to loose I started.. I was pleased with my progress and stuck with it and here I am today…

I thought that we were all stuck with what the Good Lord gave us and even though I have not gained much in seven months of hard training I did gain 1/4 inch of length.. PE works!


It’s really simple “SIZE MATTERS” we may have all came to that conclusion in different ways. Some of us from some cold bitch putting you down or from feeling inferior in the shower in gym class. The reason we are all at thunders is we know size matters.


“Maybe it was a girlfriend commenting on size”

That’s why you’re here right? What did she say?

I’m here because of insecurity. I don’t care if my dick is too big for my girfriend. I’ll readjust . The insecurity of possibly being smaller than anyone else before or after drives me to be as big as possible.

It’s warped but it is.

Thanks for all of the replies everyone.


I guess you are asking me if a girlfriend commented on my size, and that hurt (along with my previously mentioned reasons) brought me here to see what I could do to remedy the situation. This is not at all the case, as in fact I experienced the opposite.

I have only been with one girl in my life. Basically, I became friends with her while she was breaking up with her boyfriend (one of my friends) and things went from there. She actually said I was bigger than she thought I would be. She had only been with one partner (her then ex-boyfriend, the aforementioned friend) and she told me he was smaller than me. She said she assumed that a bigger guy naturally had a bigger cock. You have to keep in mind that her old boyfriend was 6’ 2” and I’m only 5’ 5”. All in all, our “relationship” didn’t last long, because she decided she didn’t want to be, as she calls it, “tied down” to me, whereas I wanted to have a relationship, so it all kind of dissolved. Anyway, guess I’m rambled a bit off-topic there.

So yeah, my main reason for doing PE is for the health benefits, with jelqing and kegeling being my primary focuses, along with some stretching (basically doing the “Newbie Routine”). Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind seeing some size gains along the way, but I won’t get overly upset if I don’t.

And I’m sure some girl along the line will say something along the lines of “you’re not big…I’m used to having a freight train tunneling through me,” but I’ll try to not let that bother me. I realize it’d be naive of me not to think that some girl somewhere along the line would say something negative about my size. If and when that happens, I will do my best to deal with it accordingly.

To be honest, if I could change one thing about myself, it’d be my body height. Sure, being short has its advantages at times, but there are always times when being a couple inches taller would come in handy.

Well, guess that’s all I got for now. Laters.


Hey, I tend to read too fast and miss things. It might explain my 2.0 gpa and low scores in absolutely everything but what I do.

I’d chalk up a W for having a bigger cock than a guy 8 inches taller than yourself.

My mind set: once I had decided that enought evidence existed that PE might be real, NOT trying it was no option.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Penis size was never really an issue for me until i did an internet search on penis enlargement techniques, just because i was curious. Now that i have found this site and seen everyones results, i thought, why not give it a try!

I have also taken up body building recently. I am working at these 2 things toghether, just so i can look better.

In response to Josh rock on brother. I started PE to improve my erections. My size was already at 7 BPEL when I started almost 2 months ago. I have gained over !/2 inch & length & A 1/4 in girth so far with my goal being that of another senior member Avocet8 who currently is a 8.25 I believe. My erections are rock hard now. My wife has noticed & feels the difference & approves. The bottom line is use it or lose it. Long & hard to 100 & beyond. Check out my posts in main member forum on harder erections & not a serious question(telling the wife about PE).

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My reason sounds silly I’m sure but, the thing that got me looking into PE was a movie…Boogie Nights! LOL, told ya it’s silly. After seeing that movie I was like …man, I wonder how many guys really have penises THAT big (referring to John Holmes 10” or whatever he REALLY had…we’ll never know I’m sure) and I just started digging around online. Not at first looking into PE itself….more directly looking for size statistics. Of course during my searches for size statistics I ended up running across penis enlargement sites…that got the gears in my head spinning and I was immediately intrigued at the idea of making my dick bigger. That led me to a paysite that had a chat room. Someone in that chatroom led me to the original PE forum on ezboard and the rest is history.

Woops, sorry I was wrong, as was everyone else…..

Dino Was right ;)

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