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Reason(s) for starting PE



seems like you are above average in the girth dept and on high average in length. If you don’t gain anything you are still ok.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks for that… yep.. right now I’m only looking for a healthier penis and to solve my foreskin problems… the size isn’t a problem, but as I said who wouldn’t want one more inch, eh? Hehe


Well this would be my first post and I could not think of a better thread to start in.

About 3 months back My roommate (Best buddy for 12 years) and I were out on the strip and were approached bye two cute girls (one was big but still cute) who were looking for some smoke(TM) and thought we could help them. Well make a long story short they invited us up to there room and the 4 of us got busy.

For years I was always fascinated by my friends “size”. When we were in swimming back in High School he always had his penis hanging to the left and you could tell he was lucky. Once when we were snowboarding he had long johns on and I was like “WO”. I don’t consider myself gay but his dick turns me on.

So were in the room getting busy (2 beds in one room, lights on) and I hear the girl (Chellse I believe her name was) say something like, as she is giggling “Oh my god look at this schlong” and she holds out my friends dick to show her friend. Suddenly I got to see it and boy was I not disappointed. It had to be at least 6’ at the time and buy the time we were getting down it had to be 10’. The whole time the girl wouldn’t quit talking about it.

Since that night I cant stop thinking about having a “unit” like my friends. So here I am :)


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