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Reality check


Reality check

Don’t take this the wrong way, but my wife said something disturbing to me last night. She doesn’t really like the idea of PE, honestly, she thinks I am fucking nuts. Anyway, I was in bed doing some stretches and she was on the computer, she said stop playing with your penis. Later that evening we had sex and I felt pretty good about it. I have been pe’ing for about 2 months, no big gains yet, maybe an 1/8 of an inch length. Anyway, I asked her how it felt…she replied the same and added “you do realize that you can’t make your penis any bigger, don’t you?” For a long moment, I wondered, am I nuts? Maybe she is right

One foot to go

Rubbish. I’ve made mine nearly an inch longer, and I have the pictures here to prove it to myself. Countless other guys will say the same thing. Tell your wife she should be supporting you, not telling you you’re nuts.

I say ignore her. From other posts and forums I read that often wifes and girlfriends are timid at first, but later on the come to accept it and enjoy it.

Maybe you should consider making a bet with her?

Say something like

Hey well, maybe it works maybe it doesn’t but I bet you I can add an inch within a year.

Then state your terms and get her involved in the measuring :)

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She’s right where all a pack of freaking delusional nut bags, shit they don’t even let me play with scissors. Thunder said I can go out side tomorrow and play with my invisible friend. I like to eat bugs

Dude she’s afraid to lose her control over you!!


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

reality test

Ask her if she would say no to another inch.

Unless you are huge, the answer show be no.

A yes answer is a gale storm warning— unless she’s

small, it probably means she really doesn’t like penis at all.

(Your story sounded to demeaning to be the possibility that she is trying to cushion you from what she believes has to be failure)

Re: Reality check

Originally posted by soflsun
For a long moment, I wondered, am I nuts? Maybe she is right

Long? Nuts? Eh heh. Yeah, maybe she is right.
There’s nothing wrong with laying low, you know? I don’t mean that you should tell your wife that you agree with her and have stopped PE— only to continue stealth. But maybe you shouldn’t “play with yourself” in front of her. That way she won’t be uncomfortable, and you won’t get comments from her that put your mind in doubt.
Sometimes silence really is a virtue.


The problem might also be the fact that I have not “truly” proven it to myself yet. Once that happens, I will have more confidence to continue and tell her otherwise. Thanks for the comments thus far, I appreciate them.

One foot to go

I ignore my wife or play along when she tells me I’m crazy. I know sometimes she means it and sometimes she doesn’t. I don’t PE in front of her and sometimes she invades my privacy by opening the bathroom door. She has been doing that since I moved in with her.

I don’t care, though. I know my body better than she does. It’s too bad she’s a prude, though. I only get sex twice around twice a year since we’ve been married. I’ve been trying to change that but she’s got issues.

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Originally posted by new_member
I only get sex twice around twice a year since we've been married

I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.
Sometimes patience isn’t a virtue.

Originally posted by CaptnHook
I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.
Sometimes patience isn't a virtue.

No kidding, I went through a divorce partly because I wasn’t being sexually satisifed, and despite 3 years of “talks” it didn’t get any better, and I thought I was disappointed at the 2 times a week we were having sex!

<<<<No kidding, I went through a divorce partly because I wasn’t being sexually satisifed, and despite 3 years of “talks” it didn’t get any better, and I thought I was disappointed at the 2 times a week we were having sex!>>>>>

I’m in that club. Wife has issues (been separated 7 months). Couldnt count on sex more than about twice per month. This had been going on a long time, so I was already playing on the side. Confronted her, and she finally just said, “do what ya gotta do, if ya have to get laid, go do it, just don’t bring her home!” I pursued that conversation a few more times, last time on the way to a concert. She says “what’s your problem, I gave you the green light!” She finds out I was looking online and here I stand now, in my own place, scratching my head and my nuts.

Tried therapy a bunch of times while we were married. She said we didnt communicate well, so how could she be affectionate. How can I guy communicate unless he is getting some!? Life is too fucking complicated!

I wish I had a lovely lady at my side all the time, but the search is so frustrating I sometimes just wish I had a whore a night. Can’t afford that though!



Fuck that shit man, you’re doing it for you and she should support you if it makes you happier.One wonders about spousal jealousy in these sort of cases when their partner embarks on some form of self improvement……

Besides, all of us here are pretty much proof that it actually does work.

Stick with it bro!


The best I can remember from the polls here and peforums is that 85+% get significant gains.

>>”you do realize that you can’t make your penis any bigger, don’t you?”>>

To which the answer should have been “No I don’t know that at all”
Some women react to PE by being threatened. Maybe they think that you’d be tempted to test out the new tackle elsewhere, I don’t know. Don’t let her make this decision for you. If you don’t stand firm in your decision then you showed her you will back down when pressed and you will go down a notch in her mind - even though stopping it is what she implies she wants.
This is a shit test and control issue. Who is gonna control what you do with your own body?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by Dino9X7

Dude she's afraid to lose her control over you!!


On the surface, those words sound delusional, irrational, and even paranoid.

They are also true.

I don’t doubt that most women really enjoy a large meatpole, but there is a darker side to that also - even amongst the “nicest” women. That is the issue of control. Men who are hung are usually very self-confident and, unfortunately, often promiscuous. If a woman wants a particular man for a long-term relationship, she doesn’t want other women to see him as a bull-dicked stud beast - nor does she want him to think of himself that way.

Complain as they might, many women *enjoy* lamenting their lover’s li’l peepee. It’s a way for a woman to be downing her physically-superior counterpart, and keeping him in check.

I know it sounds nuts but it is very very true.

While your woman might really enjoy your meat being 20%, 40%, 60% bigger, it’s probably more risky than she’d like it to be. In other words, it might not be a good trade-off to get more pleasure, but lose some control over you.

To be fair, some men do the same thing to their women: “You’re so fat,” blah, blah, “Who else would want you?”, blah, blah, blah. Many sorry-assed guys want to keep their women timid, fearful, ugly, lacking any self-confidence whatsoever.

I’ve often thought that relationships are little more than “control dramas” played out on the stage of life. Usually one person wants the relationship more than the other - and the other takes advantage of it.

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