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Reality check



welcome aboard but let’s be realistic for a moment about PE.

We all do it because we wanna fuck, right. Doesn’t matter if you’re married for 5, 7, 10 or 12 years, have a gf, a fiance, or are just in some loose realtionship with a fuck-buddy. Our manhood, we think, can always use improvement and an additional inch here and there.

We see a guy, who might be 1/2” longer flaccid, and we’re back onto vigorous jelqing, because that image triggered our ego and self-esteem. Much to the amusement of our better or not so better halfs.

If you have a wife with an extremely low sex drive and you’re doing PE, what occurs naturally? Of course, the thought of sticking it somewhere else to see a reaction. Or, in the long run, if you’re the EXTREMELY loving, caring type of husband, the one that is ompletely controlled by his wife, you’re hoping that your wife, fiance or gf will come around an worship your new dick.

So why are we really doing PE? For our own ego and self-esteem. That’s why. And everyone who says it’s not that case, well….they’re fooling themselves or need a reality check.

You can be a 9”er, but if you see a 10”er, guess what…you’re back to your routine with more intensity.

I was not trying to offend anyone with this post and I’m sorry if I was too up front, but some things need to be put in to perspective.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Good luck bro, it the kids that make it hard, if I ever give you any advice just to the opposite. Well heres some advice if she thinks you may want to move on she will want you back more. <<<<

Actually, Dino, seems the opposite has been the case, lol. She is more comfortable me not being around, chasing her around with my dick in my hand (ok, I exaggerate a bit, I’m nude, but not with dick in my hand!).

She is a complicated woman, and admits to that, so I just have to figure out what the right buttons to push are. Time will tell!


I’d have to agree with you that PEing may be all about boosting ego and self-esteem, but to call ourselves ‘fucking nuts’ for doing something to help ourselves is just not being fair to our well-being. What we’re involved with here may not be an accepted form of behaviour by many in society, but there’s no harm to others with our exercising, it’s done privately and gives some of us hope. And society’s standards and norms are never that fun to stick to anyway.

I’ve read so many testimonials on this site from guys who, after helping themselves with PE, were lead into other ways of self-improvement…eating better, losing weight, exercising…so we really can’t lose sight of how valuable all of this may be. For a lot of us, it’s a morale booster…an opportunity at hand (pun intended).

Simple. Let her think you stopped, but don’t.

dominance thing(signal)

“You can be a 9”er, but if you see a 10”er, guess what…you’re back to your routine with more intensity.”

Absolutely correct, although stated somewhat in the extreme.

Females experience different consequences of this phenomenon.

Even those that don’t like penis, like the security that can come with its owner.Bigger penis is bigger hassle for the security, or more disturbing, a new game in which she has to compete. Those that like penis, fear a penis whipping. Most of the world is either pussy or cocked whipped.

But the woman who is secure in her man knows good things are coming, not only because of the size, but her man’s new confidence and the state of mind needed to do something that “everyone knows can’t be done”.

It’s time to enjoy the ride,that’s what it is all about. A good ride requires not only a good vehicle but a good operator.


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