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Reality check

Those are some really wise words, Wad. That is all.

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If you want to give PE a go it should be up to you unless you are already really big and anthing more would just mean pain for her. On the bright side its better than having your wife tell you you are inadequate and that you should enlarge your penis, now that wouldnt be good for your well being. Sounds to me you have a good wife in that regards that she exepts you for you, and excepts your size. Thats what a good relationship is about.

>>One wonders about spousal jealousy in these sort of cases when their partner embarks on some form of self improvement…… >>

Why would your spouse be jealous of your improving yourself. If your spouse loves you she should and would be happy for the improvements you make, she should be happy for you if you better yourself, she doesnt want to be with a looser. I can understand if somebody else who you dont have such an emotional attachment to is jealous of you improving yourself, but thats because of there own insecurity, and because they dont have happiness in there own life. If they dont have respect for themselves how can they respect anyone else. It could just be that she doest believe that you will succeed in your self improvement , not that she doesnt want you to. If she doesnt want you to then you have to seriously consider the relationship you have with your spouse. My x fionce was all about me being the best I can be, because she knew I was limiting myeself. If shes jealous because you want to improve yourself then thats just ludicrous. Stop being paranoid, women want the best from there partners.

>>This is a shit test and control issue. Who is gonna control what you do with your own body?>>

You cant say that because you dont know what happens behind every closed door. I understand what your saying though because my x wife was a control freak, problem was the bitch always got what she want.


You said it alot better than I did :)


I feel for you Bro been going through it do, but I have been separated longer.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Man, some of you guys have really fucked up bitches, no offence intended…

I like mem’s idea - make a bet with her!

Say that you bet her you can grow an inch to your dick. If she wins, do whatever she asks. If YOU win, you will cut that inch you gained off, just to get her back for discouraging you and being all skanky about it…

Tell her you told her so, then kick her RIGHT IN THE FACE!

Id make her deep throat it once a month, I bet then she’ll be able to tell a difference. Ive been PEing for about 4 weeks now and I havent even told my girlfriend and she has commented on my dick getting bigger. This shit does work!

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Originally posted by gottabhuge
Confronted her, and she finally just said, “do what ya gotta do, if ya have to get laid, go do it, just don't bring her home!”

WTF? I guess that hurts pretty bad…

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Dude, you ACCEPT twice a year? I don’t want to be mean, but while you are working on your penis how about adding a ball routine! Wad is right, she OWNS you and is thinking that you are going to want to use a bigger penis more - maybe even (gasp) on her! You are the MAN and you have a right to sex with your wife whenever you want it (I even read that in Redbook, one of THEIR magazines).

Here is EXACTLY what the evil Pirate would do were he in your situation. I would PE in front of her, then tell her to finish the job. If she refused, I would stand over her and jerk off until I came ON HER. I would do it every day, morning and night. She would either 1) get jealous that I was getting satisfied and she was not, and if so she would start participating more. Or 2) get excited watching, and participate more. Or 3) act disgusted, and eventually start talking divorce from a sex freak (in which case I would piss on her after I came just to ice her cake and seal the deal). No matter what though, I would be getting daily sexual release. And just so you know I am crazy, I have in fact used this technique successfully on every occasion any girl has told me she is “tired” or has a “headache” (usually they get very randy, very quickly).

Dr. Ruth says everyone is responsible for their own sexual pleasure. I take her at her learned word. If you allow your pleasure to only come 2 times a year, then it is YOUR fault, not your wife’s. If you want a bigger dick, and I assure you you can indeed have one, that is YOUR decision again. Sorry to be so hard, your twice a year sex thing freaked me out.

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Yea, I was married to a woman like that once….ONCE.

I couldn’t agree more with Wad. Some women, even in a loving relationship, do use a form of control.

“you do realize that you can’t make your penis any bigger, don’t you?”

My Ex was the same way, that’s actually why she’s an Ex now. I suggest you show her this board or at least explain to her that there’s an entire community full of delusional freaks out there. That might be some evidence to her that her statement is incorrect.

Maybe she feels a little left out on the whole thing. Try to win her support, because it’s a fact that women are more receptive to a nicely sized tool. Don’t let her bring you down and away from PE. Stick with it, man. She’ll enjoy the result.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Thank you for all the replies. I will probably incorporate some advice from everyone in my actions. PE will become a more private evnt for me, until I can prove that serious gains have been made. I don’t think urinating in my wife’s face or shitting on her chest, for that matter, will help solve this problem, contrary to what some members think. A bet might also be a good idea. As far as this forum goes, that will remain a secret, in case everyone here didn’t know, we are fucking nuts.

One foot to go

I don’t let wifey know I PE

We fuck between 12 and 24 times a year too. She is a boring lay. Has the inverted uterus thing… I married her when she was a virgin so I didn’t know… actually didn’t know until the second baby was born. She could never do any position comfortably unless it was missionary. If she is on top she can’t sit up. I may have humped her 10 times total doggie style.

She has commented on my bigger dick… I told her I have been doing kegals for prostate health.. I am 38.. and it seems to be making it bigger. She was thrilled.

I stretch secretly every morning in the bathroom… but have been caught in the bedroom doing a few jelqs to her surprise and laughter. We are about ready to fuck again. It’s near month end. Yippee!

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This forum to me is a very much needed, supportive thing. PE is a private matter…not something that most of us feel comfortable in sharing with anyone, including our partner. I discovered this website by accident a few months ago. In my view, it is the very best website out there for men.

Certainly there are pros and cons to this whole concept of making a bigger penis. Some can be on the very obsessive side but I think, for the rest of us, it’s a matter of doing something special for ourselves. I’ve read from others and discovered for myself, the incredibly positive benefits that these exercises create…not only seeing a bigger dick but also a feeling of new enthusiasm for bettering our health and subsequently, our life.

And there isn’t anything fucking nuts about that!

Originally posted by Dino9X7
She's right where all a pack of freaking delusional nut bags, shit they don't even let me play with scissors. Thunder said I can go out side tomorrow and play with my invisible friend. I like to eat bugs

Dude she's afraid to lose her control over you!!


Oh, heck Dino that was a good one. Wow, I started laughing out loud in the college library.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.


I feel for you Bro been going through it do, but I have been separated longer.>>>

Bummer Dino, it does suck. I’m still working on her though, mainly since I got three little girls from that marriage and since I was a fuck up through much of the marriage too. Just got to get her to realize what she was doing was wrong too. C’est la vie.

Totaling diggin the PE Brotherhood here though!



Good luck bro, it the kids that make it hard, if I ever give you any advice just to the opposite. Well heres some advice if she thinks you may want to move on she will want you back more. :)


looking at thunders in the college library how would you explain getting caught :)

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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