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Realistic Penis Prothesis ?

Realistic Penis Prothesis ?

Is there a realistic , ( virtually undetectable ) prothesis 8 x 6 penis on the market ?

And MY biggest question is, … if you used one will a women be able to detect that you have one on ?

Originally Posted by BenHur

And MY biggest question is, … if you used one will a women be able to detect that you have one on ?

I think it would depend on if you had slept with her before :D .


I think that Langeman was asking about this a while ago.

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hey guys,just my 2 cents,but im a make-up artist and we can do wonders with foam latex,I have actually made a very realistic penis for a girl friend of mine for Halloween,it was glued and attached in all the right places,and I blended the edges right into her skin,the peice once molded was hand painted by me for 4 hours to create detail,all in all it freaked people out,we went to a party and she showed it off and some guy freaked out saying “theres a chick with a dick here” although hers could not be used do to the way it was designed,you can come up with something ,perhaps silicone wich could be actually used,if you know a special effects make-up artist ,you might be able to have somehting made you can use over and over again,its just learing how to blend the edges yourself upon attaching it,but a sleeve hollowed out with silicone,and a rigid “skeleton” towards the tip,which would be the extension,hmmmm,im surprised no one has thought of mass producing something like this….lol….hope this helps,but yes it can be done ,it can look real,and possibly used over and over again,twoez

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