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For the two validated IQ tests in wide use, the Stanford-Binet and the Wechsler (WAIS), the scores form a normal distribution curve, such that 96% of the population fits within two standard deviations of the mean. The mean is 100, the SD 15; therefore 2% of the population scores above 130, which qualifies a person for Mensa. Don’t know whether the scores you guys cite are from validated IQ tests (which can only be administered by a licensed psychologist), but a 135 would be Mensa, yeah.

Something like 120 million people in the world should qualify for membership, theoretically, but I think they have 100 thousand members, tops. So it’s <0.1% of the 2% highest-IQ population who wants to make a big deal of their high IQs. :)

Opps Secjay, I finally get to correct ya, after all these months I’ve almost given up on it… Bill Gates “donates” more quality money *and* time to underprivileged kids than does the Govt… Yes, to date the number is approaching the billion dollar mark.. Only difference with Bill and certain oily liberal politicians is that is does not gloat and brag about it and the money he donates is his… Huge difference in some punk stealing the money out of our paychecks then washing it through a group like Rainbow Push and someone who gives out of their own pocket… Reason I’m up on this anyway is that my Mom belongs to a group Bill Gates wife runs, happens to be a Charity that asks for volunteer time using Gate’s money…. BTW Sec, just wait until I get my Bib, I plan on being hot on your heels…. Love ya man…


I took the Mensa test and didn’t make it… If I remember correctly 150 is max on theirs and you needed to score 125 to get into their little group… 118 is over average but no dice.. Just email them and they will hook you up with a test in a library (with a member looking over your shoulder lol).. With your score you will get in no problem…

I can see Chickens point as well as Secjay’s… I started out over sized, especially in girth, but I had a hair trigger prick.. I would love to have a solid 9” NBP because I just want it… I’m currently hitting bottom with 8.50 BPEL but that extra three quarters of an inch would mean my personal PE size goal is realized.. Anyway, as Luvdadus says it’s a soft bottom and it gives.. Might as well push it in a little extra…

131 is the cut off for the top percentile IQ, 140 or higher is considered genius. The bast majority of people fall within the 91-110 range though. That is average and IQ scores are a bell curve

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Well I checked out their website, and I scored a 168 on the LSAT. According to their site, about a 163 or higher should get me in.

This topic has taken another turn… Wasn’t this thread about a guy taking his 8x5.75 inch penis out and testing it with some prostitutes?

I don’t see any connection to Vietnam, Walter.

Well, there isn’t a literal connection, Dude.


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