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Real gains or balloning effect?

Real gains or balloning effect?

I always searched a way to have steady, reliable measurements on BPEL.

The only way I found is to measure in a SAME situation. Which is the better?

I think that the better situation is when you are sure you are at the 100% erection.

Sometimes you think you are at 100%, just to discover that you can have a better erection.

I don’t consider a 100% the only fact that the unit is good to have an intercourse.

When I measure the unit I ask to myself: “Is it at the real 100%?”. This is not to have a better

measurement, this is only because the “last time I measured at a better level of erection than now..”.

” ..I want the same level of erection..”.

When I measure I have the ruler at my side on the couch. I stay seat on the couch at the tip of it.

With my legs slightly open, I start masturbating. Not something to come to cum, not fast, not hard, just something to have a good

erection. When I’m at this level (good erection), I search in my mind something real good to have an even better erection.

With the right stimulation I let my hand alone and I look at the unit when it perform an additional lift.

It lift by itself some additional degrees almost hitting my belly.

It’s something real difficult for me to define, but the unit reaches a full hard level of erection. It’s a point

where I say: ” Impossible to be more engorged/horny”. Is in this moment that I take the ruler and I measure.

All this process can be 5 min. long or even less. Nothing compared as described on balloning threads, where are needed hours of

stimulations and there is the need to reach few times the PONR.

From January I performed this edging action once 10 days to allow comparable measurements, and every times I have

better measurements. Every times I have 2 or 3 or even only 1 millimeter more than the last time.

I started with this method of measurement with 16.4 cm and yesterday it was 17.8 cm.

Oldest measurements (may-june 2007) are 15.5, but I’m not sure to have performed the measurement with “the better erection” as

described above.

Now I’m asking: Is it possible that all the times I’m able to reach a better level of erection than the previous time?

(so the measurements are not comparable?)

I have to say that every times I reach this point, I have no doubt on the fact that in this accurate moment the erection

is the best I can achieve.

What I want to ask is if you think if I real added “meat” to my unit.

I think it could be a combination of three things:

1. Measurement error. Next time try rolling your hips back and forth, arching your lower back forward and back. See what kind of different measurements you get. The best erection you can achieve will be right before you ejaculate. So measuring as close to that point as you can should provide more consistent measurements.

2. Improved erections. Simply using your unit will make it better, and if you are doing a lot of masturbating, you may be accidentally doing some jelqing. I think that many men can get a 0.5 cm this way, simply using it a lot more and masturbating a lot.

3. Real growth. It could very well be that in addition to the results from #2, you have gained an additional 0.5 cm.

Try to add more vertical spaces in your posts. You’ll get more responses that way as it is easier to read.

Sept. 4, '07: BPEL 6.875 inches, EG widest 5.25

Goal: Double digits

Chronostone, I thank you for your suggestions.

1) Measurement error. I really don’t think there are errors on measurements. My last 7 or 8 measurements are always taken in the same position, in same room, in the same temperature, with the same stimulation, with the same hips position.
I have to disagree about the better erection right before ejaculation, even if I have to admit that at the PONR the unit is a bit longer than 10 secs before. What I want to say is that I can (and I think most of us) ejaculate even at 80% erection.

2) I don’t do a lot of masturbation, maybe 2 or 3 times a month. I prefer real sex.
The very last thing I want is to add millimeters on the measurement doing jelqs or accidental stretches.

Thanks again also for your suggestion on using more vertical spaces.

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