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Ready to throw in the towel


It is possible that you are doing too much or too little or the wrong exercises or you aren’t getting enough sleep. Or it is possible that PE just doesn’t work for you. I’m starting to think it doesn’t work for me either. There have been times when I’ve measured a length gain but then measure again one week later and it is gone. I’m starting to wonder if the majority of gainers are actually people who measure after a long session. I’m not questioning those who have seriously gained like bird and pud and big gertha and I do certainly believe that PE has worked for many people. But I’m just starting to get skeptical of all of these “if you do this you will start to see gains” threads. There are people who do 2 hours per day everyday and have had big gains (big gertha comes to mind) and there are others who say you should do 30 minutes two days on and two days off. How can it be so different for so many people? You might say that different people respond differently. Well, if that is the case is it not logical to say that some people just don’t respond at all?

I’m not “dissing” PE here. I’m just being realistic. I’ve enjoyed the PE journey. There are good things..

1. Meeting nice people in these forums
2. Understanding my penis better
3. Having hope

And bad things..

1. Becoming acutely aware of penis size (developing a bit of a complex)
2. Slight discoloration
3. Having hope dashed

I guess I’m just playing devils advocate for the guy. If you’ve tried everything and nothing is working then maybe it is not meant to be. I’m starting to feel that way myself.

Maybe you should increase your intensity and decrease your total workout time. I have only been doing this for 7 weeks and gained .5 in bpel and nothing in girth. I’m sure from your perspective this sounds good, but I feel like I put in a lot of time for just .5 in length. I do about 20-30 minutes of stretches and then 200 wet jelqs with 30 squeezes mixed in (10 squeezes after 75 jelqs, 150 jelqs and 200 jelqs). This takes me over an hour. I feel that the intensity helps a lot more than the duration so I am thinking about cutting down so I will be more likely to stick with it. And a follow-up thought: people always compare pe to lifting, I would never do chest exercises 6 times a week. Is there any evidence , pro or con, that going every other day would be better to allow more time to rest?


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