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Re-introducing the PENIS VOLUME measurement

Re-introducing the PENIS VOLUME measurement

Guys: I have just moved here from PE Forums, where I was a semi-vet. While there, I introduced something that I don’t see discussed here - a more SIGNIFICANT and meaningful measurement of growth than length or girth, or both: PENIS VOLUME.

I can’t get my hands on the formula (someone please help), but it’s a simple calcuation of the volume of a cylinder when you know the circumference and the height (length, in our case). Now, most of the formulas for cylinder volume are based on the radius and height, but this is less accurate since many dicks are not perfectly round. Using circumference makes it more accurate. It was something like length times circumference times 11 divided by something … or something along those lines . .

Why is this so important? Penis Volume measures the actual amount of increased meat you have gained, far more telling than just length or girth. For example, you’d be stunned to know how much more meat you have from before, if you have gained a mere half-inch in girth (much less so for length). Some guys have actually doubled their penis mass through PE! And THAT is the measure of what a girl feels inside her!

Perhaps some threads actually make mention of this, but I haven’t seen it, and it really should be MORE important than length and girth! It’s the TOTAL MEASURE of increase!

Beautiful! I am glad everyone is onto it, because it is really valuable and everyone is always talking length and girth … .thanks Alice for the links!!


It has been discussed quite a bit but maybe not as much lately. The Data Page also includes Erect Volume estimates, using the circumference to calculate the radius and plugging it into the equation with the length (or height). I think that’s how it went anyway… It’s been about 3 years.

There are more accurate ways to measure volume. One suggestion from a while back was to use the above equation and take measurements around the head, midshaft, and base; and take the average. Of course, the most exact method would be measuring water displacement. I believe 1 ml=1 cm³, so if your dick displaces 400 ml of water, your volume is 400 cm³ or about 24.41 in³. (Someone check my math though, It’s late). The problem here of course is keeping a full hardon while you displace the water. All in all the regular cylinder method is probably a close enough estimate unless there is a huge discrepancy in the uniformity of girth along one’s shaft.


You’re very welcome.


DAMN! They’re .exe files and I’m on a mac. anyone know the formula? (using circumference and length?)

Do what Size said and go to the Data Site at the bottom .

Where “c” is circumference (girth) and “h” is height (length):

┌ ┐2 │ c │ π │───│ h │2 π│ └ ┘

Example: girth 5.5” and length 7”

3.14 x (5.5 / 2 x 3.14)² x 7
3.14 x (5.5 / 6.28)² x 7
3.14 x (0.876)² x 7
3.14 x 0.876 x 0.876 x 7 = 16.86

Or just use this online calculator. Enter circumference at “input” then copy and paste resulting radius into cylinder calculator at the bottom of the page.

Use a Pump Cylinder to Measure Volume?

A thought just occurred to me as I quickly read through this thread. What about using a pump cylinder for measuring volume? If you are able to pack the pump cylinder from base to head, by using the dimensions of the cylinder (only count length from base to tip of the glans), wouldn’t calculating the volume of the packed portion of the cylinder give you fairly accurate penis volume measurement?

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Volume = (length x circumference x circumference) / (4 x pi)


Thanks Priapos. I’m not a mathmetician so I substitited the solution for radius from circumference (c/2π) into the formula for volume of a right cylinder (πr²h). Your way is much easier.

thanks priapos

yes, that’s the formula I used back at PE Forums. Thanks! (pi being 3.14 I think, times 4 = 12.56).


From the previous thread where this was beaten to death:

rakishly - Penis Volume Calculators & some lifting pics

“How about this. Easy enough for any $2.00 calculator:

Length x Girth x Girth x .08

Accurate to about half a percentage point or so, which is more accurate certainly than any measurement method and more accurate than the assumption that the cross section is circular.”

“BTW, a half a percentage point of accuracy is like measuring a quart and being off by a teaspoon.”


Nice and simple. Thanks Rakishly.

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