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Rats in a PE cage


Rats in a PE cage


You guys ever feel like a lab rat, this PE stuff is pretty experimental shit we ain’t sure what’s going to make our dick bigger or screw us up. We stretch and squeeze and hang stuff from the most beloved body part we have and if it doesn’t hurt to much we do it again. Well as I sit here and think and type with weight hanging from my dick with the Bib attached, sometimes I just feel a little weird about the whole thing. It’s screwed up we want to get our dicks bigger so much that we will do anything to make it happen. Job, Families, free time gets sacrificed so we can pursue the big dick. Do you guys think maybe we are all retarded or something? I know I can’t I stop and sometimes I don’t like that about myself, I don’t like the fact that having a big dick means so much to me. Well I don’t know. As you vets know that I can rant sometimes and for you newbies this is one of those times. Well what do you think?

THe mad ravings of dino

Hi Dino

Hi Dino

I’ve been following your pe history, and I like how you have gained how much 2 inches, with out hanging just jelking,
I’ve hung a little, and I thinking about it now, right now, I resumed PJing, I quit when I started hanging, I’m a month into PJing, And I’m not quite sure if I gained or not, but at times I think I’ve measured my longest a 7bp, at best.
So I’m going to keep PJing, and maybe add some hanging as a stretch routine, say an hour a day, maybe.

But I like how you’ve jelked your way to where you are
But if I had all the privacy I wanted, I’d hang full time


hmm. I guess I like being a lab rat.

I’m sure if the doctors had it down to a device you wear for 20 mins a day that displayed ads for looser fitting pants and extra large condoms on a little screen while purring away quietly it wouldn’t be half as much fun.

But there is a big history here. People have been hanging weights from their dicks and jelqing for centuries. Its a bit like being religious, you don’t know the correct path to god so you just pick one thats easy or has better music and hope for the best come judgement day :)


Yeah I got all my gains Jelqing/squeezing/stretching but the last year the gains have been really tuff to get, that’s why I started hanging I don’t have much time but since I never hung I’m hoping I have a quick easy gain in my ligs before they get tuff.


I don’t enjoy PE anymore, I’m not sure if I ever did. I do it for one reason and that’s to be big. If there was a device I could wear under my cloths for 20 min a day and I would get a big dick I would do it. I do enjoy the pe friends I have made on the boards though.



Well I haven’t thought it out completely yet but something came to mind.

I’m 46 and when I think back to when I was 18-21 I spent a hell of a lot of time going to bars to socialize or to dance, and I don’t mean to get drunk. You know one of the social things you do. When I think of all the money and time I spent there I sometimes think back what a waste. Did I really enjoy it back then, probably not. But if I had to do it all over again I probably would.

Face it once you get to the size you want you’ll probably stop PE, or atleast the 1-2 hours a day (or more) you do now and make it 1-2 hours a week instead. Ten years from now you won’t be here anymore you’ll be off of your PE wheel and you’ll have an extra 1-2 inches to show for your efforts.

Just like my younger bar days I still enjoy a night out but I’m no longer on that wheel anymore, I don’t see that I’ll be on the PE wheel ten years from now but I’m enjoying it for the time being and the results make it worth it.

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good thread


You know the deal, it’s an inside job!

When it is all said and done PE is probably way down the list of what really matters in life.

Is it helpful for self esteem - YES.

Doe it fill a need or want in the persons life - No Doubt.

Will it help someones sex life - Probably.

Personally I can say it has changed my life and helped me feel better about myself however at what cost? Several thousand hours of time either arranging, doing, or thinking about it for sure.

Several thousand hours!

I’m at the point where if it can’t be integrated into my whole life then things may have to change soon. I really enjoy trying to share what I know with newbies but is that enough? Like yourself I don’t thing I could stop either. How would I quit something I have done daily for 2.5 years. Retarded no obsessive yes.

Keep in mind this is our mindset there are literally thousands of young guys in their early 20’s doing this shit and loving it I’m sure. And why not if I was in my 20’s single, and learning how to make my dick bigger I’d be in heaven. Now in my early 40’s married with kids and a bunch of financial and life commitments it doesn’t seem so cool sometimes.

Your new to hanging but a senior veteran of PE . Hanging is different and unique for sure. I think if you look at it as maintaining and keeping your dick healthy that’s a good start. If it takes away from the things that are important in life that’s not a good thing.

As you know I’m going through some stuff now that is new to me and the thought of taking a break hasn’t really occurred to me. It has made me reevaluate where I’m at in life but not quit or stop Pe’ing.




There are definite sexual benefits…more control, better feeling, better ejaculatory power…


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dino, I wasn’t talking about the exercises, rather the process of improving. Here’s another analogy, its like being an explorer back in the times when the vikings ‘discovered’ america. The sitting on a boat for weeks on end looking at the sea is not fun, finding out how to get there and getting there is.

As Uber said
“There are definite sexual benefits…more control, better feeling, better ejaculatory power…”

No doubt about it those are some good things, guys don’t get me wrong I think PE in it’s proper place is excellent, it just seems to take over my life and I see this with a lot of guys on the pe boards. I seem to have a personality that can very addictive to stuff I’m the same way with exercise, I can never seem to find a happy middle ground. I think that’s the hardest thing in life to find a balance between family, work and stuff like pe.

It’s also been great having a big dick I have got some great responses from women, my favorite was “holy shit your blessed”
blessed my ass I felt like saying I had to work my dick off for 2 years!

But before I knew about this when I thought I was just regular I didn’t think about it I knew what I had was all I was going to get and it was a lot easier.


As a long time vet like my self you know how I feel , you seem to feel the same way. We both have big dicks now in the top 5% but we can’t stop.

Oh well I got to go to work, and because I started to write this post I will be a little late for work, SEE WHAT I MEAN!



No doubt about it - I’m a little twisted. I can’t believe that my wife even goes along with this. I guess it all boils down to one thing - We want a bigger dick. We found a way to accomplish it and because the way involves many hours of hard work, it makes sense to us and we do it. I’ll tell you what, though. If I hadn’t gained from this, I would have quit long ago.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

dino775 et al,

I am happy to be a PE lab rat.

Question: Why am I happy? Answer: Because, I get rewarded.
Question: How am I rewarded? Answer: With a much longer, thicker and meatier dick?
Question: How long will I be rewarded? Answer: For as long as I’m willing to put in a reasonable amount of time and effort.
Question: When will I leave the PE cage for good? Probably never. Positive reinforcement is a difficult thing to abandon.


Dear fellow rats, especially Dino;

I hear you. And since reading your first post in this thread I’ve been reflecting on almost two years of my time on the treadmill. When the gains were coming steadily, I was obsessive about working out; I let almost nothing interfere with those allocated time slots for PE. Gotta jelk, gotta squeeze, gotta pump. There was surely a strong element of unbalanced behavior there, however I consoled myself that this is the way I tend to do everything – work, hobbies - a total dedication to getting whatever result.

But I knew for certain that I was whacky when I started changing my own goals. First I wanted 7 inches, then when I got that, 7.5, then 8 because that seemed to be the gold card around here. But then I wanted 8.5; I wanted platinum! This is sick because in real life I have this dirt common-looking blue Visa card and all I care about is keeping the fucking due balance manageable.

I think what helped me get off the treadmill was no more gains, for months, no matter what I did. Yes, I was disappointed because I was still putting in the time; and yes, I was frustrated.

Somewhere during those months, though, it gradually dawned on me: Hello? I have a big dick. Along with a good many members of this board, I now have one of the larger dicks on this entire planet. Do I need the biggest dick on this planet? What for? I love getting blow jobs too much for that. I love certain sexual positions too much to risk precluding never doing them. It was then that I began to relax and enjoy the benefits of all that treadmill time.

Now I am pretty much retired from the mill. I doubt I work out more than a half-hour when I decide to, and I feel no guilt when I decide not to. Everything I’ve gained remains. And the bennies, too: much improved erectile function compared with 2 years ago; a good bulge in my Levis for vanity.

Am I cured? Of course not. I just have a new set of obsessions, a new treadmill, if you will. Now I am obsessed with increasing the intensity of orgasms, with ejaculation control, with timing and finding new ways to please my partner. However, Dino, this is the really fun stage of PE, and I hope you can find your way into it, too. This is, for me btw, worth all that nutso, crazed behavior.



Dino and other 'rats'

I have absolutely devoured everything you ‘longtimers’ have done, and since I am reviewing the forums it is giving me a chance to go over all the history again and reflect. You guys are some of the ‘pioneers’ that risked your dicks so that those of us who now follow you can develop a routine with a fairly decent margin of safety and probable success- and I for one am glad you are still ‘addicted’. I know it has got to be hard answering the questions over and over and over again, but a lot of us that don’t ask many questions have searched out your history and that history speaks volumes without you guys having to say a word. I am sure PE is no longer fun for some of you, yet you lead by example and continue to perservere.

OK, before you all get out your hankies for a good cry :) let me say that I am about done- and even though the hankie thing is a joke the rest of this isn’t. In closing, Dino you are going to start loving PE again because that hanger is gonna make you huge, dude (like you aren’t already) :)

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From: 'Happy Gilmore'

The subject of this thread

is something different, entirely, from what you are talking about. It’s a good thread. It caused me to do some serious thinking and some others to look at their emphases, too.

I don’t mean to be rude to you but you are deflecting Dino’s subject to the subject of walter and walter’s personal views which in this case don’t relate to what Dino is talking about. Start your own thread.



fellow rats

Do not allow this worthy thread to turn into a running debate on the merits of over or under training.

Please continue this discussion on the opinion forum . Have a little respect for the other members.



P.S. Maybe a Mod more competent than myself could clean this thread up a little bit by moving the dialog on issues not related to the original intent of the thread over to the opinion forum and labeling it with an appropriate title.

P.S.S. It seems A8 had a similiar idea at the same time as our posts overlapped.

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