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Rats in a PE cage


Once again your a source of encouragement for me, I also want that plantuim card, but I should be happy with the gold.


Hey if I never gained anymore I would still be happy. I remember when I found pe I was 37 and wasn’t really getting a rock hard level 4 hard on anymore and I could never last more than 5-15 minutes. Now I’m 39 get blue steel rock hard erections and almost last as long as I want to. I remember when I was 21”seems like yesterday” and my dick was 7 inches and when I was 37 with the best hard on I could manage it was 6.25 so I have a lot to be thankful about and I have to remind myself of that. Pe is like a drug, having a big healthy dick is great. But I would like to feel like I could stop when I wanted.



Another thing You might want to consider is taking a break from PE for awhile.

I have another hobby that I’ve been involved in for about 5 years. Last year I started to get burnout so I just stopped totally for about a month. I didn’t set any amount of time for my break. I just decided to take a break, a month later I went back to it. The this year I did the same thing. Neither break was planned, Both times while I was taking my break I got a chance to re-evalute my priorities and decide what was really important. Both times I went back and had a new appreciation for that hobby and felt better about it.

So you might want to consider a “vacation” from PE, don’t set a preset amount of time that you want to take off, just do it and know when you’re ready you can come back anytime you want. I bet if you do that you’ll feel much better about PE and have a better focus when you do decide to come back. :)

"Swedish-Made Penis-Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing is My Bag, Baby."... Austin "Danger" Powers hang10


:One Swedish made penis pump

It ain’t mine, it ain’t my bag baby

:One receipt for one Swedish made penis pump

How that get in there, really baby it’s not my bag

:One book Swedish made penis pumps and why there my bag

I’m pretty sure I will be cutting my pe down for while, I have other things I have to take care of and I could use a break. I’m not going to quit just cut back.



I’m not a huge Austin Powers fan although I do enjoy it. When I ran across that quote and then found the pic I just couldn’t pass it up, being a member on a PE board :) :)

My favorite lines from AP though are the running dialouge using the different terms for penis.

Johnson, Wang, Balls, Willie, etc etc

"Swedish-Made Penis-Enlarger Pumps and Me: This Sort of Thing is My Bag, Baby."... Austin "Danger" Powers hang10

Hey Dino,

Maybe taking a complete month off, without even a piss pull, might be the best thing to do. That will give you time to think and also prevent you from getting back on the wheel without taking care of other things first.

I promise, you won’t forget how to PE in a month. :D

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Took 5 whole days off and thats about the longest ever. I might have took a whole week once. I have decided to cut back due to time restraints to a 5 day a week pe work out just jelqing and squeezing for .5 hours a day, and some stretching whenever during the day. The time off felt great I stopped shaking by the 3rd day and realized by the 5th day that I still had a big dick. I think we need some kind of pe patch for us long timers who want to cut back a little. Well guys thanks for the support I feel like I’m once again in charge of pe instead of having a pe monkey on my back.



I have been doing the .5 a day workout 5 days a week for over a month now and while I sometimes miss the hanging and long squeeze workouts I use to do. I also enjoy not spending entire nights just PE’ing. Well just letting you guys know that a pe junkie like me can cut back. I still get up early and don’t get enough sleep so I can PE, but I’m much much better now. Anybody know a good all day stretcher that you can wear under work cloths. But really I hardly think about pe at all. You believe me right :)


Funny just found this old thread and things haven’t changed all that much PE still takes up to much of my time and I’m still having a huge penis obsessed. But I have been off for over a week now mostly due to just a beat up dick and swelling but it has felt good to have the pe monkey off my back for a while I guess it’s more of a 300 pound gorilla on my back.

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I understand where you’re coming from. I’ll admit I’m too dick and PE obsessed. You would think that after making good length and girth PE gains, I would ease up. But I think the fact that I have been successful in growing my dick has only added to the psychological need to maintain the PE momentum. Plus, because my dick’s been staying strong and healthy through all of this, I haven’t really had the need to take any extended breaks.

Well, one thing for sure, is that I’ll definitely take a break from major PE activities this Christmas when we’re on vacation in NYC for 2 weeks. I hope I can handle the withdrawal symptoms.


I do most of my PE sessions during work! Sure, I’ve only been at it for a month but it’s been a consistent month. My wife won’t leave me alone when I’m in the restroom so that leaves me to schedule my lunch breaks (dates?) with my wang. One hour just doesn’t seem enough time, though!

I’ve noticed changes like longer, thicker flaccid hang with more prominent veins and glans and it seems thicker when erect but I won’t measure ‘til February (6 mo. mark) unless there are some serious changes.

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."


Good luck with your journey I started at 6.25x5.5 pretty close to you. Just remember to pace yourself and remember to stop and smell the roses. I can’t tell how many times I have not went out or to the beach on a nice day so I could stay home like a hermit to PE. good choice on not measuring to much.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

It’s easy for me to get PE obsessed, seeing I can finally break free mentally from certain ghosts of the past.


#:-o …perish the thought..!

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after peing for 6 months it became an addiction. Stretching and pumping for 1,5 hours every day and even more un Sundays. I really wonder why my wife still hasn’t shown her red card to me.




Because she wants to see HOW big your dick can get :D

Hi ForMe AndMyWife

wifey was very interested during the first couple of days observing what kind of things her hubby can do with his dick. I think it gets a bit boring for her seeing me pumping every night. To compensate her she receives nice morning fucks after long pumping sessions. That is my way to say ‘Thanks’ for being patient:)




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