rating system for excersises

There’s been a lot of debate lately about the safety of erect excersises. Most has been concerning the level of erection and the amount of ‘bending’ done during that certain level. In a thread on the main page Thunder had the idea to rate erection level with 1 being completley flaccid (turtle dick) and say… 10 being Viagra enhanced (steel pole). Why cant we take this idea one step further and set a rating system for the safety of individual excersises? 1 could be minimal and 10 could be outright dangerous. IMO basic kegels would be a 1 and these erect bends would be an 8 or 9, leaving room on top if someone has a new discovery for creating even more intense pressure. We could debate each excersise and decide some kind of ‘warning lable for newbies’ for the more dangerous ones. Just a thought.