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Quite curious!!

Quite curious!!

Hi all,
I’ve found in the net a guide to find out how is the form of Vagina and penis based upon the theories of acupuncture. Could it be true?
Have a look at it:

Salu2, Matti

Not true. All the research says that there is no corollation between penis size and any other part of the body. My fingers are short but my penis is longer than average and most guys have longer fingers than I.


No offense but those metrics seem pretty ridiculous ! I’m kinda interested in checking out the female ones hmm i might have to do a verification on my girl =p but im sure its nonsense.

Boy, I’d like to meet the whizbang who wrote that so I could tell him how full of shit he is!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

He obviously achieved his purpose by getting you to think about it and react…create controversy :)


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Hmmm, I think it is bullshit… My index finger from the tip to knuckle measures only 4.25 inches while from my wrist cuff to picky tip is just under 7”. My hand measures from the end of the Palm to the tip of the index at exactly 8” which is exactly what I started out with… I used to think that the length and size of the hand determined penis size because my parents had this old medical book that stated as much… Several years in the Military and a few gan bangs later I learned that this was not the case as I’ve seen guys with much larger hands but much smaller penis then myself, also I have seen guys with the same size or smaller hands with much larger penis slze then myself.. That site is bullshit because with 80 or so wemon under the belt the way they determine a girls pussy is all wrong… Just like guys, you really cant tell with the exception that all Asian girls I’ve slept with are tight…

not true

I have a long Italian nose and very long fingers and huge hands and feet, however my penis is very small.

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