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Hey guys,

A warning to newbies: DO NOT TRY THIS!

I have been doing something recently that may sound foolish at first, but bear with me.

Jelqing, but fast….

I’ve been grabbing on tight at the base, and yanking forward quickly while still holding the strong grip.

What does everyone think the merits of this may be, if any?
I feel a pressure like nothing else, comparable to an extreme uli.

And before I get flamed, I know this is pretty damn silly, and nobody should even think about doing this, not even vets, unless you are absolutely desperate and want to chance it.

This is what I read the first in spring 2002, which actually made me starting PE because of instant (temporary) gains. It was called RAPID FIRE. And that’s a good name for it ;)

Nobody needs to be concerned, I adjusted my routine to 2 or even 3 second strokes shortly after I read further instructions.

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

I already do that in my routine just to engorge my penis to begin with an ULI session. Don’t know if it would help to achieve gains because I don’t think my gains have come from the rapid fire. Although it’s great for a 5 min session between hard workouts.


This is why I’m having some “plumbing pains” right now. I did this a couple of months ago and saw a quick 1/8” in girth at the base, but after of month of doing this type of quick dry-jelq movement in my wet-jelq workouts, I started to feel some aching in between my cockNballs. (I didn’t do it rapid fire-like, but short, quick jelqs, only working the base). The tubing is what ached. It felt fine after a week of no PE, but I started back and so did the aching. The aching is uncomfortable, which is why I’m taking some time off from PE until it completely heals up. It feels fine right now (4 days off from PE now). Ejaculating gets rid of the aching.

The way my grip was (overhand) could be what aggrevated it. I tried to get as close to the base as possible while doing this. The only reason I started doing this was to even out what I thought to be the start of the baseball bat effect. I wouldn’t recommend doing this for any length of time. And I definitely won’t be doing this anymore.


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