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Questoin for Raffis/anyone else Emergency

Questoin for Raffis/anyone else Emergency

I am certain I had a dorsal nerve injury just like yourself. It occurred from stretching using the pj, only this time on the sides. It has been a week, and the increase in sensitivity I thought I would experience has all been in my head, as I’ve basically been lying to myself that the situation has been getting better. My glans and such are still very void of sensation to most stimuli i.e. warm water, the touch of a hand, even a woman’s carressing touch.

I am booking a urologist. I am guessing he would be able to diagnose me best. Or should i go to some other type of specialist?

I am just wondering what the doctor/urologist will do for me , or how they find out if nerve damage has occurred. I can’t imagine how they would treat the situation.

Any response would be appreciated.. eight days to be exact and getting worried.

Hey, I can’t give you any perfect advice. Maybe a physician or two on the board can weigh in on this. But it’s understandable to feel anxiety about this issue. Anxiety is not going to help you.

But understand that nerves take a LONG time to really rehabilitate and heal. Eight days may or may not be a long time - I can’t say. If you did a number on them, it could take some time. But understand that they take longer than muscles and so forth. Now hopefully someone here can comment - someone with a medical background.

I’m not saying don’t go - I never would - but make sure you understand the nature of nerves and all that.

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Get your hiney to the urologist!!!! He will be able to give you a diagnosis of exactly what is wrong. I do not know how they test for dorsal nerve damage, but I am certian they can.

Now, nerves do regenerate, but very very slowly. Hell snails move faster than nerves regenerate. And if it has only been 8 days, that isn’t going to be enough time. Don’t want to scare you or anything, but it can take years for a nerve to regenerate. That is usually in the worse case senerio of the nerve being partially severed. I will go on the assumption that you are not using the pj or doing any type of pe at the moment. If you are doing pe, quit! NOW. By doing any type of exercise right now you will only aggravate the situation. Don’t do anything until you have spoken to the doctor. Then you will have to be completely honest and open with the doctor so he can understand how the injury happened. I know you probably aren’t thrilled with that suggestion, been kicking that around in here for a long time. But under the circumstances, the doctor has to know what you did.

Keep us posted.
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After liposuction, my wife had areas of burning numbness here and there. This was somewhat expected. This gradually improved over the following weeks and by 3 months later all was back to normal.

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