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Questions answered

Questions answered

As I sit here with a hard on I will try to answer some burning questions. One does PE work? Ask my wife who has noticed the difference over the last year & a half as I went from 7 BPEL & 5.25 girth to almost 7.75 & 6.25 respectively yes gentlemen she notices. To Dino take some time off. At your stats the your past ideal size. I took months off & still achieved results. Just coming back this past week steady & wow the cock feels great. I used to be Hypo 8 on this site & like Dino set my sights higher. Don’t know if I’ll make it but my wife will be having multiple orgasms along the way. I have a condition from birth called Hypospadias were the meatus or urethra opening occurs on the shaft in my case the upper third. This caused some problems growing up but now I’m quite proud of my penis. I did post some pics over a year ago & had them deleted but I’m thinking about posting some new ones. I think there are one or two others with this on this board with this & I would like to see them come forward. If you would be interested in seeing some pics let me know. I’m also mid 50’s & looking to be long & hard to 100 & beyond. Also PE is not just for growth but the health of penis as well. And if you want to tell your wife, girl friend or other about PE do it in bed they will thank you for it.

Good post, glad to read of your impressive gains, Hypo9.

You might want to consider, in future posts, breaking it up with some line breaks, makes it easier to read. Lots of folks look at a big chunk of text and just bypass it.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

Thanks Dark I’ll do that.

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