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Originally posted by westla90069
I am still against adding any problems to someone going through puberty. Body issues are a part of that process and to even suggest that he has a small one just compounds an already difficult time in his life.

I agree. For some those insecurities last longer than others.
I’m 19 and I know that when I was 16 I would’ve been ready for this. I would’ve probably taken it the same way as I took it when I came here at the age of 18. A new way to improve my physique, as I was doing with weight training.

I guess my advice would be to wait until he brings up the subject rather than offering information that might not be needed or wanted at the time.

The problem (if there is any) is exactly this. Most likely he would never bring it up. It’s too embarrassing. Atleast I would never bring it up with my father, but hey, my father-son relationship hasn’t ever been exactly what you’d call warm.

I think it depends on the quality of your father-son relationship. If you are as a father more than just another authority, you could be open and simply ask how he feels about such things. How is he doing with the ladies? Tell about your own experiences… Do some bonding. Ofcourse this is not a good idea if you have no real connection to your son and he has no respect for you. Then he might just think of you as a loser, pervert or God knows what.

Ofcourse you can do it wrong. The results can be nasty, but I think a dedicated father knows his son by the age he is 16, knows if he is mature enough and how to tell him right.

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I think that if you tell your son, you should do indirectly (like leaving something sitting around) or you should wait because I know that if my dad told me about this stuff at 16, I would have freaked out because my dad is talking about dicks. If he told me now (I’m in my early 20’s), however, I would probably be okay with it. The best thing I can tell you is to use your judgement.


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Originally posted by Taz
I think that if you tell your son, you should do indirectly (like leaving something sitting around)

That’s probably the best method I’ve heard. The ONLY drawback would be that if I saw something like “directions to jelq” or something I might just look at my dad in shame “poor guy has to resort to this”.

However, I’d MOST likely just go and learn the PE after seeing something lying around.

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