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Im a newbie and i was looking over your threads and I came to the conclusion that theres about 6 different stretching tecniques and stretching time lengths with different reps and sets for all these. I found it a bit confusing. More or less I dont know what any of this stuff really means. I’m looking for an indepth workout that has all these tecniques questions i’ve seen, answered. Im seeing a bunch of different styles but i dont know what to start with, and what some of those stretches even are, and which ones are the best, and which ones would work best for a newbie, and which ones to use after i’ve made a bit of progresion. If you could tell me a workout to start with and continue with in the future you’d be helpin me out ALOT! So if you could lay out a DETAILED scedual for me EXPLAINING some of this stuff you would be helping me out tremendously. Thank you for answering these ?’s I’ve got- Cid (AKA- the newb)


Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

There are a number of different techniques that are popular. I am not taking the easy way out, but what you really need to do is search for the info using the Forum’s Search feature. Here are some tips.

Look for DLD Blasters, Fulcrum stretches, A stretches, V stretches, JAI stretches and Buster Hymes latest stretch using a ring toy.

Good luck

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

And don’t forget the Coke Can Stretch.

It’s not like I’m in any way an authority on this subject, but you should start out with the most simple methods first, then work your way up to adding the more involved stuff. There’s a handful of basic exercises, and these should be the foundation of your program.

It’s just like bodybuilding… you start with the basic, simple movements, then move on to more advanced moves. But the basics always stay in the program. Like how squats and simple presses would be the foundation of any good bodybuilding program, as you get stronger, and do more involved stuff, you never really get rid of the squats, ya know?

Whatever regimen you end up choosing, always remember to warm up thoroughly. Start out with just jelqing and basic manual stretches and see how big that gets you after a few months.

I don’t know. There’s a bunch of people on this forum that know way more than me… they’ll steer you in the right direction.

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