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Question with doing Squeezes

Question with doing Squeezes

Hey, I have a question on doing squeezes. Before I do my set of them, i jelq for about 15 mins. My squeeze set includes 5 sets of 10 squeezes (6 secs/squeeze). I take about a 30 sec rest in between sets. I have been doing them for about 3 weeks now and I can notice a difference in my girth. My question is that I squeeze just behind the head on the penis with my left fingers and at the base with my right fingers, seem to work the best. Anyhow, about into the 3 set, right below the spot where my left fingers squeeze, my penis gets like a ring where its fatter than the rest of the penis….like u can see on the sides on the penis, in that spot, that it sticks out on both sides. I was just wondering if that is normal or not. It seems to go away a while after I am done and the top part of my penis always seems the heaviest when flacid and what not, but i guess that could be normal. Anyone else experience that? Thanks


Very normal


Search “doughnut effect” on the forum. You should be able to find some info from other posts. Sometimes after intense jelq sessions I’ll get a pretty good one, but it goes away with in 4 - 6 hours.

Plus, take advantage. In loose boxers and pants you get a good extended bulge and hang.

Goodwood :chuckle:

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