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Question to everybody...

Question to everybody...


i have a question to all of you since we’re all guys. this would probably be the best place to ask.

ok…this is kinda complicated, but i dont know if i am normal. here it goes:

does anybody have little “bumps” on the skin on the scrotum and shaft? i’ve had these “bumps” ever since i was born so it is DEFINATELY not an STD. i’ve asked doctors and they all say that they are normal and every guy has them. these bumps have had me worried for some time now and they are sort of hard to describe. they are not on the skin but more under it or “within” it. they are very prominant on my scrotum and pubic hair comes out some of them. so maybe they are hair follicles. but hair doesnt come out all of them. they almost look like pimples. they also are on the skin of my shaft most prominately on the underside. i am uncut so maybe that might explain it. i have read in other forums that they are sweat glands/ hair follicles and they look more prominant in some guys then in others. if i pull the skin tight, i can see them more clearly. picture plucked chicken skin. that is what they look like.

does anyone else have this? and can you explain to me what they are?

please respond everyone who reads this. this thread can be sort of a poll. please respond.

LOL,,, if they are sort of white in color I got em to… I really notice mine if I pull on the sack to inspect the nuts.. Nothing to worry about..

I’ve always had them (I’m cut, by the way). I believe they’re called “pearly-white puples” or something like that. I’ve heard that they are common, so nothing to worry about as RWG said ^^^^^

I have them as well, only on my balls, it lookes like chicken skin without the feathers, thats the best I can decribe it.


I’ve got them too, on my scrotum, never thought much about them, I assumed they were normal.

They definitely look like the skin of a “plucked chicken”!


What I never knew, I never will forget!

thanks. so far so good.

please more replies!

Yep me 2

I got em on the base and lower shaft of my cock. Bumpy for the pleasure!

I have them on the bottom of my shaft and my scrotum. Doctor said they are normal. Never had a woman mention them.


There is no replacement for displacement

Yes popp all guys have them including myself, and another thing…….you really got to start trusting docters bro.

I have them too! OMG! I think I’m dying! Some of them have hairs growing out of them too!

Got ‘em too!

Seems that there are less since I was 12.

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

I have them on my sack and where it meets the shaft. I just assumed they belonged there.

It appears that a lot of people have them. Does anybody not have them?

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i dont know why im so worried about this. if you look at pornos or anything like that, you never see them.

thanks for the replies.

I don’t have any, should I go to the Doc?

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