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Question on Clamping

Question on Clamping

Is this the same as using a cockring? Some people here obviously think that clamping is a bit dangerous and more prone to injury if one is not careful.. But my question is, is clamping with a cable clamp the same as putting on a cockring and keggling after a jelq session?

Will using a cockring be just as effective as clamping?

A cock ring is not as effective as clamping. With clamping it is set a lot tighter on your dick than with a cock ring.

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No, it’s not as effective, because with a clamp you can vary the pressure. You need to be able to quickly release or lessen the pressure, or to be able to increase it slightly as need be. With a cock ring, if it’s just the right size to be safe (not too tight) you won’t be able to get the maximum expansion you can get from a clamp. If it’s to small, it’s unsafe because you can’t easily remove it when erect.

There is a wealth of information on clamping here. But surely you know that, since you’ve been a member for six years. :D

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