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Question for you Bib

Question for you Bib

Well things are kind of slow here on the board so I thought I would ask you a question about wrapping. If you have been following a few of my posts you see that I am doing about 3 wraps a day for 30 min. This is a full expansion above and beyond the erection level so much more time than that seems a little dangerous and also is uncomfortable. Eventually I will move to more wraps and also advance again to the hanger as a uli thing. Now for the question.

After I remove the wrap it is obviously swollen. I can simply massage my penis using a lotion and resore circulation, or I can additionally get an erection or at least a partial one. Do you believe that after I remove the wrap getting an erection will help the penis stay in that larger state or somehow help cementing gains or does it matter. Sometimes it just feels like relaxing and I can massage it and then relax, but if it will help then I will continue to at least for a few minutes get an erection. My thought is that it will help but I wanted yours as well.


I don’t know that it will help gains any, but just the fact that it will open up the return veins which have been somewhat under stress should make it a good thing.


OK thanks,

Well I will at least massage it back to partial erection and if it wants to fully erect but won’t force it.


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