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Question for Westla, other anatomy experts

Question for Westla, other anatomy experts

I’ve mentioned in the past my high erection angle. It’s how I found the site, and at 7.125BPEL and 5.625EG, I would be totally happy with what I’ve got (I would like more, of course). My question is this: What am I pushing down on when I try to lower my angle to 9:00 when fully erect? I basically cannot get it to perpendicular when 100%, and I hate that. It is hard to even budge. I am guessing I will be told that the shape of my tunica is probelmatic. I wonder why, then, that people who have their ligs snipped in surgery often end up with much lower angles. It does not feel like a ligament when I push down, but the surgery thing was nagging me.

My first guess would be that you have very tight ligaments. Have you measured your LOT? I suggest you do a search for LOT and read up on the subject. If your ligaments are indeed what’s “holding you up,” I believe that’s a fairly easy problem to address (like, using downward hanging).

OK, you are totally nuts. Any guy here would love to have your “problem”. Enjoy that rock hard hard on and 10 years from now wonder why it still isn’t so.

ModestoMan, my LOT is between 8:30-9, which is not too high, though the ligaments are clearly tight. The thing is, it feels as though the hardness starts deeper in behind the ligs. I’m not totally convinced its a ligament thing. I know Westla and others have stated that EA cannot be changed.

gprent101, Haha, I thought I might get a reaction like yours. I don’t blame you because I would totally envy someone on the other end of the spectrum. I am sure there are some who have no erection support and would love this problem. For me, though, I would like to have some freedom to try other sexual positions. Right now, I am limited.


Those ligs go pretty deep. I have read your post several times trying to determine exactly what you mean, but it does sound like the ligs. I’d actually have to dig my anatomy book out (which I don’t have the energy for right now) but if memory serves me correctly,the ligs attach to the pelvic bone somewhere. I’ll find the damn book tomorrow or Sunday and look it up.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Sounds like a tight/short suspensory ligament to me. With some strong corpora cavernosa tunica that is well attached to the pelvis.

What’s wrong with an upward erection angle?

Sunshinekid, Westla,

If the suspensory ligament is in fact, the reason for this, does it follow that strecthing the ligament will slightly alleviate the problem. Its not like a have a problem with a high EA, its just that mine is severe and limiting. I’ve turned down morning sex before because I often have morning erections that will not budge past 11:00. I’m a little confused, because I remember posts that declared that EA may be unrelated to hanging/stretching/LOT, but it seems to me that if my ligs are the problem, there is hope for a small change.

westla: What’s wrong with it? Well, some positions are completely out of the question. That’s the main problem (and really the only one I’ve experienced).

dantheman: I have the same erection angle as you. I can barely push it below 9:00, and it’s uncomfortable to do so. My LOT is about the same as yours, too. Look at it on the bright side: tight ligs may make for quick gains, and as Hog6.5 wrote, you can really get to the g-spot, especially if you have an upward curve.

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So if I push down when erect am I stretching the susp ligament? Is this OK to do?


I looked, and west is correct in the suspensory lig, there is also a superficial lig called the fundiform lig. Now both of these may be tight causing your high lot.

I don’t know about doing the stretches while erect, I honestly don’t, but yes, when pushing downward you are hitting your ligs. One of the guys will have to address whether or not you should stretch erect.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:


Thanks for your response. At least I know what the problem is. I would not think of doing erect stretches, I just wanted to know what was causing the resistance when I pushed down. If it is the ligaments that is the problem, it should follow that by stretching them, I can maybe lower my angle.

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