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Question for Vets

Question for Vets

I’ve been pe’ing for about 2 weeks now and doing a frequency of one day on, one day off. I can totally understand the theory behind this in order for tissues to repair.

However, it just feels to me that I should be doing more. I’m now thinking of 2 days on and one off.

For those of you who have been pe’ing for a long time and have probably tried many different routines, what’s your opinions?

Also, in weight training it’s suggested to vary the routine every 6 weeks or so to avoid the plateau effect. Does the same thing apply to pe and if so, how often is it suggested to change your routine?

Many thanks.


Good questions.

Most PE is done by feel, if you feel you should be doing more, then switch to 2 on 1 off. I prefer that to 1 on 1 off personally.

As for changing the routine up, this is not necessay every six weeks, although some people have gotten results by ‘shocking’ the penis with different workouts (‘everyone is different’ is a phrase you are going to get sick of reading). The reason you switch in weight lifting is because of neuro muscular adaptation to the exercise, but this is not an issue with PE. You would probably do better by doing the same routine for a few months, as the limiting factors can take time to break down.

Hope this helps, and good luck!

Thanks SS4.

I think I will increase to 2 on 1 off. You’re right, it’ll make me feel better in myself.

However, I’ll be strict with myself and make sure that I keep this as my maximum as I’m in total agreement with the theory that overtaining will only hinder good results.

The more I read on this site, the better it gets.

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