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Question for the Vets


Question for the Vets

I am doing a lot of thinking recently on what I want to do when I start my routine.

Recently I sprained a muscle in my back just before getting ready to start my PE, so unfortunately I do not want to exercise until I fully heal. However this gives me time to Guinea Pig a penis pill I purchased.

Anyway I have a question for the Vets.

Can you please give me a quick list on the different styles and exercises of PE and which parts of the Penis they effect for growth.

For Instance:

Hanging works primarily on length by stretching the ligs in your penis.

I am trying to figure out how many different distinct parts of the penis can be worked to affect PE growth.

Thanks in advance,


You got 60 somewhat post and you ain’t started to PE yet?
What’s up?



I cannot effectively test out these pills if I do some other form of PE right now

Cue us again on what these pills are and their purported results?

Virility Pills

Started June 1st


4.75 EG

June 17th ( Damn I had to measure my penis was feeling great )

6.25” BPEL
5” EG

I really don’t think the Pills have enlarged my penis, rather my penis was probably 6.5x5 to start with, and perhaps the pills enhance my blood flow better just bringing my penis closer to its original potential

I sprained a nerve in my back which cause my right side back and leg to go numb for a day, followed by 3 days of pain when I walked or bent over or anything. After a liberal amount of Ben Gay and a day of bedrest I was feeling much better, but I want to give myself a couple months of rest before returning to anything. Just being cautious.

Well, always good to start off on a healthy foot, I always say. Or is it a healthy nut? Either way, being in sound health will allow you to really concentrate on what your body is telling you when you begin PE. This is important.

At some point I think you need to just get started. Pills are interesting, but won’t do squat to increase your penis without any real work on your part.

I agree 100%

Thats actually why I posed the original question at the top of this post.

Which Core Exercises work which parts of the penis?

I know hanging works the ligs
jelqing works the corpora cavernosa
pumping stretches the skin

Its apparent through the forum that you CAN spot train on your penis. IE pure length exercises, pure girth exercises, pure foreskin exercises, pure erection exercises.

I think if we can use specific exercises to isolate growth on different parts of the penis, we can achieve maximum results in a shorter period of time, and at the same time avoid plateaus.

The wonderful thing about this forum is the diversity of people and exercises. I try to be open minded enough to examine and respect everyone’s opinion of how they do penis enlargement.

As far as the penis pills are concerned, nobody believes in them because they want to see hard results first. I think the same has been with every pill that comes into the market that resolves any issue. I mean 5 years ago would anyone believe there would be a pill out there that would help you lose weight? so many people said it was impossible, but it happened.

You know I really don’t know if these penis pills work, but what I do know is nobody has really taken the chance to try it out exclusively, and someone’s gotta do it, why not let it be me ;o)
Hell, I got the pills at a good price, if I don’t like them I can resell the remainder on ebay and probably make a profit.

It’s an interesting idea - spot training. I think in essence that is what we are doing when we hang first, then shift later to girth exercises. So I think there is more than a kernal of truth in what you’re saying.

I guess it depends on your goals. You’ve basically nailed down the major exercises. Everything just becomes a variation of the majors. The only thing I’d add is doing Uli #3’s for the head (I think that’s the exercise). So you have lig/shaft growth with hanging, tunica growth with jelqing and squeezing, and head growth with the Uli#3 or whatever it is.

Understand, though, that while exercises may stress one portion or aspect of the penis more than another, they normally stress other areas, too. For example, my hanging is really building some impressive base girth for me as well as stretching the lig BIGTIME and getting some shaft growth in response. Also, jelqing done properly will cause the lig to stretch a little bit and will enlarge the shaft in all directions, plus put in a bit of head work. So each exercise has a primary target and secondary areas affected.

At least that’s what my penis is telling me.

I would love to hear what the what Bib or Tom or Dance think about this, wondering if I am on the right track, or just off in never neverland

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