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Question for the Vets


repost for original question

Thats actually why I posed the original question at the top of this post.

Which Core Exercises work which parts of the penis?

I know hanging works the ligs
jelqing works the corpora cavernosa
pumping stretches the skin

Its apparent through the forum that you CAN spot train on your penis. IE pure length exercises, pure girth exercises, pure foreskin exercises, pure erection exercises.

I think if we can use specific exercises to isolate growth on different parts of the penis, we can achieve maximum results in a shorter period of time, and at the same time avoid plateaus.

Anyone have any opinion on this?

What the hell is going on here?

Man, this thread took off on a space ride! I like the names, though.


As you know, I started out jelqing and stretching and then went to exclusively hanging. Since I had less girth (4.5) when I started, the jelqing definitely helped me gain there (now I’m 5.8). However, I feel that the additional girth may have made it a little harder for me to get length gains from hanging. My research on the forums left me with these conclusions:

Jelqers seemed to be able to gain 1.5 to 2 inches EL over time.

Hangers like Bigger and Tom Hubbard gained 3.5 to 4.5 inches over time. I also found a lot of hangers who gained 2 to 3 inches.
Hanging, if done right, will stretch the ligs and the tunica. This allows for length increases by pulling the ligs out of the body as well as lengthening them overall. By hanging straight out, over the shoulder and over each leg, the tunica is stretched and the shaft lengthens.

I decided that if TH and Bigger could get these types of gains, then dammit, so could I. However, it requires a lot of hours. I am now hanging 4 hours a day and doing ADS afterwards and in between. I have acheived gains that I will post later. Whatever you decide to do, wait until your back is better. Hanging between the cheeks with a sore back ain’t gonna work!

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks Jelktoid

Right now I am basically 6x5 and my goal for a while will be 8x6

I think I will focus primarily on Jelqing with some hanging but what I also want to work on is warm downs with very very low pressure pumping.

Perhaps after workouts the very low pressure pump will help cement my workouts.

if I work a system of Jelq/Pump, Off, Hang/Pump, off, etc etc perhaps I can work everything all at once for a well rounded workout.

Still doing research on it.

Will let you know


I have been browsing through the posts again and noticed a number of people who combine hanging and jelqing in the same day. Would you consider this overdoing it? or are they hanging and jelqing at half the intensity if they do both exercises in the same day?

Do you feel its better to combine exercises, or spread them out on different days?

Hanging works the ligs primarily and the shaft secondary
Jelqing works the shaft primarily and the ligs secondary
Pumping works the skin stretch and cementing

Hanging works the base girth
Jelqing works the shaft girth ( as well as squeezes )
Uli #3 works the head girth

For those hanging and jelqing, I really couldn’t see how a guy could jelq at full intensity. I think it’s more a circulation jelq than a pure size approach. I would rate that as overtraining.


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