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Question for the cut please

Question for the cut please

A dumb question I know but I am un-cut euro-trash hehe :D

I read about guys needing lube to jelq and I wonder why ?, does you OK grip need to slide along the skin ?

For me, and I presume the other uncut guys I can hold the same piece of skin with my grip and the skin slides up and down, I have half considered getting cut for the natives (american chicks) but would not if I had to slide my hand along the unit skin while jelqing, I can jelq the whole lenght of the shaft this way.

Then you are essentially dry jelqing.
With lube, our fingers are sliding up the shaft, moving along the skin. Dry jelqing is using your loose skin to squeeze the blood to the end of your penis.

Two different techniques, wet and dry.

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Thks ramrod, so your hand is sliding past the skin ?
Whether I am greased or not I believe the skin would move with my hand, there is not way it would not for me

Yes 2 techniques but I believe the exercise result is the same agreed ?

Do you have a choice then ?

It’s sliding along the skin, as in different parts of the skin rather than the fingers staying on one place on the same skin and sliding up the internal shaft.

Basically the same, yet the results may indeed be different because pressure is applied differently.

My skin is loose enough to do both, wet and dry. I don’t have an opinion on which is better, all I know is I get fluid build up from dry jelqing that can usually result in a donut.

I think because you have foreskin, you simply can’t avoid the skin sliding. Perhaps if you had more of an erection that could help? I don’t know, I never jelqed and un-cut penis.

Have you seen the vids? They may answer some questions for you.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

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