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Question for the big guys?

Question for the big guys?

Since going from 5.75” to 7+” bpel I have noticed my sex life has become significantly better. It’s become more frequent and wifey cums much easier and more often. She orgasms nearly every time.

The other morning she just wouldn’t cum tho. And after banging her hard for nearly 20 – 30 mins she just said she was close… but it wouldn’t happen.

So, I ask the big guys… around 8” or longer… Do the women you are with always cum?


Start April, 2003: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" Girth Current: 7.125" BPEL, 5.5"+ Girth still trying...

Of course not, Godz. And it has nothing to do with you and the size of your dick. It has all to do with where she’s at.

I always want to please the Mrs. and make sure she is satisfied. But she has a part to play in this too—a big part. Sometimes she has multiple orgasms, sometimes none.

It’s o.k.


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I went out with a great girl a while back that just did not cum from intercourse unless I wore a vibrating cock ring. So far she was the only one but all chicks are different the one I’m with now can cum three times in 15 minutes and thank God because she has a golden snatch and it’s hard for me to last longer than that. My last girlfriend took about an hour to cum twice and I was the first guy to get her to cum more than once and the first to make her cum every time from intercourse so having a big dick helps but not always. I also went out with a chick that had 10 plus orgasms every time when I got into that special place “CDS”

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If I fit the category then the answer is no, not always.


Hey horse hung how are your measured pics coming along? Been a while now.

Good answer horse! The plateau effect is so common in sex - just wish I’d experience it more these days!! It’s got nothing to do with penis size - just one of the many things that happens during sex.

But I definitely have improved the experience of the last four women I have screwed since I made substantial length and girth gains over the last couple of years - up from 5.75”x1.75”. My base girth is nearly 6.5 - 7” (2-2.2” wide) now and I just love the sharp intake of breath when I finally get the full 7” deep inside her and she says god thats so thick I know PE has been worth it! Especially when they have a screaming orgasm!

I will try to answer to the question that started the post.
I don’t know if size helps, in my case I’ve never been able to cause an orgasm to a girl.
Probably is cause I am an ass at doing it, anyway I never received any compliments about my size from my girlfriend.
The only thing I should think of is that they already had sex with someone really good at it or maybe they have seen some penis only in some porn (here in italy rocco is considered as much, if not even more, than our president, I guess anyone in italy at least once must have seen him :D )

Well, that’s my experience.
I wish it could help a little :)

Mate if you’re that big and she has not mentioned it then she must be part horse!

Almost every women I have been with lately has said that my new 7”x7” cock looks and feels like the biggest they’ve ever had!
So either your grilfriend is an ex porn star or all Italians really are stallions!

Besides my tongue has usually given them their first orgasm - often that they’ve EVER had with a man!!
So any cock caused orgasms are a real bonus!!

I take incredible pride that I gave a hooker an orgasm two months ago which surprised her so much she was left gasping for more and ignored the second knock on the door!! Must be something I’m doing right but my stroke is now 7” long (was 5.75” before) and with my fit 100kg behind it (I’m 196cm tall) I really get some deep plunging going on !!

Seriously Mr21cm if you tried another grlfriend she’d probably faint at the sight of your 21cm!!

Come to think of it I’d probably faint too - got any pics?

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I’m large (working on huge) and the women I’m seeing right now always cum.

Though one of these girls is really loose (shhh CP) and if wasnt for my length I doubt I would feel much of anything and I probably wouldn’t cum!

I had a girlfriend a while back that couldn’t cum or not with me but she said she felt like she was almost coming the whole time and enjoyed it anyway.

I’ve found making the best that you have helps too. Since pumping, my erect cock is much harder and stays much harder while having sex. Also try using a cock ring when you fuck (for that biggest stiffy you ever had look).

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

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