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Question for sizemeister

Question for sizemeister

I have just been looking at the pedata site - your entries mustn’t be working right. Surely?

It appears that your length and girth have got larger then smaller then larger again - ending up with measurements of 12” x 8”?

Is this right?


What is your routine????

if you managed to put on nearly 5” in length in under 3 months i need to know!

See Ya,


Yeah, in my dreams…… :eek2:

NO, that isn’t right. I added some code to the page last night and I was testing it out. I’m still 7.43”… by 5.375”.


Along with your erroneous values, there are some others that look suspect (whether the result of mistyping or questionable motives). You might want to be the moderator of the entries.

I would suggest adding flaccid and erect base circumference (mine is notably more than my listed midshaft value).

In addition, I tried to edit my routine, but was unable to do so.

Lastly, have you solicted entries from the senior members of the board?




Big Ugly is also me :) Is that the suspect one you are talking about?

The page is far from finished, it is really a project I started when I needed some practice with database skills for my job, and it just took off into what it is now. I have since gotten really busy but I’m trying to devote at least a couple of hours a week toward imporving the page until I get it to where I want it.

What happened, specifically, when you tried to edit your routine? Did you get an error, did you get an indication it worked, but found out that it didn’t? I need intricate details. :)



If you are 12 x 8, you have my blessing.




1. When I was initialy entering my supplement/routine data, my browser crashed. Subsequent attempts to edit result in the appearence of a “edit routine” button (as well as the popup), and when pressed I get a message saying “You must specify an exercise. Please press your back button.” Dead end.

2. Suspect data: Big Ugly yes, also perhaps peforeal. (Of course, I also suspect Uli data, but that is not on your chart).




Since your browser crashed, your username wasn’t ever entered in the table where the routines are stored; and therefore it wasn’t able to be edited since the record never existed.

I will have to manually add them. Please PM me with your details and I will add them sometime this week


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