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Question for Rice Sock Aficionados

Question for Rice Sock Aficionados

I love my rice sock, hell, I’m religious about it. :D Of those that use a rice sock regularly, I’m wondering how many of you tuck it around a little at the base, and clamp their thighs together to really drive the heat deep? And those that do use their thighs to clamp down on the sock… Have you experienced any discoloration on you inner thighs from this?

Holy Feck Batman, I’m the only freak that does this huh?

I feel so ….. alone


You will get used to it. :)

:rolling: …err I mean :morose:

Eroset,I do it too.But after i wrap the heat around my willy,I cover the works with a towel and that keeps the heat off my legs so,no discoloration.I just use a white dish towel,nothing fancy.

Yep, I like using a rice sock for the reasons I just mentioned a few days ago

After PE-ing, I might wrap a warm rice sock around my shaft and/or balls, and then zip up my pants while sitting at the computer. That seems to drive the heat in without cooking my thighs. Sounds like you’re getting rice burn. Ouch!

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