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Question for nonhangers

Question for nonhangers

I know guys are skeptical about hanging weights from their dicks.

My question is for the guys who tried hanging, and then went to(or back to) manual stetching. Are there any, and what happened?

former hanger here..

I’ve used weights in the past both with a home made BIB hanger and his production model. I personally think hanging is too impractical to work for ‘most’ men. I mean, just speaking from my personal experience. I’m in NO WAY putting down BIB himself, or hanging in general. I just think there are much more efficient ways to increase your length (manual stretching). Plus, you can only hang with whatever weight your penis will let you hang with at the given time….5lbs, 10, 20lbs….whatever….usually because of skin pain. You’ve gotta wrap your dick, put on your hanger…adjust it just right….grab the weights….get into position….stay there for 15-20 minutes…take off the weights, the hanger, wait a few minutes, then repeat. Then, you usually need to have at least an hour a day… hang….it was just too big a hassle FOR ME. I gained about 1/2” in erect length from hanging though over about a 3 month time frame. I’ve gained 1/4” of flaccid stretched length over the last two weeks from manual stretching. Hmm……

There are 5 reasons why I don’t hang anymore. (1) I hanged for several months in the beginning of last year. I gained nothing from using the bib. I started out from 2 1/2 pounds then progressively went to 15 pounds. (2) All it did was stretch my skin to a point where I’d probably would have to go to a urologist and have him cut off some extra skin. There is way too much. (3) The lining of my glans is very rough and uneven (4) Most important. Hanging left a permanent white spot on the tip of my head. I went to a dermatologist last summer and talked to him about. I thought he might give me a cream to restore back my color. I told him I was hanging weights off my dick. He said “he never heard of a person doing that”, but he said “those weights cut off a lot of circulation to your glans; it put a lot of trauma on your penis and destroyed your pigment cells” He then said something like “out of all the skin on your body the most sensitive is on your glans; you got to be careful” (5) As what stillwantmore said, it’s a hassle. First you got to put tape on the theraband apply the theraband around your dick, attach hanger, hang weights, after a half hour or so take off weights, take off hanger, take off theraband, massage, and do it all over again. These are the reasons why I stopped hanging.

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Was talking on the phone and forgot my hanger was on and when I looked down I had a black and blue nob. Ever since then I’m too scared to hang.

A 1/2 inch in three months ain't shabby SWM

I agree that it is a hassle, from wrapping to positioning yourself and then burning an hour and a half of your time. Manual stretching can be a hassle too. My hands get tired, they slip, and I never feel like I’m getting anything accomplished.

Mike, It’s sounds like you may have been attaching the hanger too close to the glands I don’t know. When I get that funny feeling in my glands I know immediately what it is and I reattach or stop.

Well, only three guys hung up their hangers. Not bad.

And holmsy, get a friggin’ alarm clock for christ’s sake!

Youre right, 1/2” in 3 months isnt bad at all. Many guys, it takes much longer to see anything close to that. Then again, I much prefer seeing an increase of 1/4” in TWO WEEKS. My grip never slips…I use Baby Powder. Yea, my hands get tired to a point but, never so tired I cant get in a great workout. Plus I’m doing much more focused work. I’m pulling via the glans itself…not on the outside of the penis and pulling the outer skin along with everything else….skin pull can be a BIG henderance when hanging….and if youre sensitive to gaining extra skin on your penis….you probably should not hang. Again though…lots of guys like to hang. More power to ya. I seem to be making quicker gains so far from stretching though.

Seems to me that we must always read what our dicks are saying and how they’re reacting to whatever we choose to do to make them larger.

No matter the manual or the mechanical exercise, so many of us fall in to the trap of sometimes not paying attention and sometimes getting into trouble.

If we stick to a program too long that clearly doesn’t work for our particular tissue/chemical structure, we become discouraged and instead of moving on to some other routine, and maybe later even returning to the first one, we throw up our arms and quit altogether. Nothing wrong with that. This is a personal choice.

Giving whatever a fair try does work for many. If it doesn’t for you, (I’m not speaking to anyone in particular) re-think, go back to the drawing board work up a new pitch for your dick or very comfortably move away from PE if your personal read is that there’s more negative in this for you than positive.



I gave hanging a try for about 3 months last fall…I gave up on it because of the skin stretch made it impossible for me to hang properly…I don’t have enough shaft length that I can place the hanger well back from the head, so once my skin stretched, the hanger would just end (uncomfortably) up on my glans…I pretty much gave up on pe after that, now I’ve restarted, and am jelqing and will add stretches, if I can gain an inch or so I may give hanging another try but in the present it doesn’t seem to accomodate my little guy with the stretched skin. I do think it can work great though, judging from the soreness and stretch I was getting b4 my skin got loose.

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