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Question for luvdadus

Question for luvdadus

From reading many of your posts, I’ve gathered that you are a master of stealth PE. I noticed that you do about 900 dry jelqs per day (with little if no stretching - correct?), spread throughout the day in sets of 100. Is that the routine you still use? Are you still getting results?
And why did you chose “900” for your total? Was that number arbitrary or did you build up to it because your gains had slowed?
Because of my kids’ summer break, I have reluctantly switched to exclusively stealth PE - but I don’t feel like I’m getting the same benefits from it as I did with the full workout: hot wrap, wet jelqs, etc., etc.
I’m thinking of doing this routine:
(1) 100 dry jelqs in a.m. (with 3-5 min of stretches)
(2) 100 dry jelqs around lunch time (at work, in restroom)
(3) 50-100 dry jelqs towards end of my shift - depending how busy we are that day (in restroom)
(4) 100 dry jelqs in evening (with 3-5 min of stretches)
(5) 100 dry jelqs late night (with 3-5 min of stretches)

This routine would give me 450-500 dry jelqs per day (with 9-15 min of stretches).
I used to do my full workout every other day, but should I do this punctuated routine 5 days per week (or more)?
Also, when would you start to up the volume on this routine - in terms of lagging progress?
A lot of questions - I apologize. But thanks in advance.

Well, I let my wife know about pe about 7 months ago so I no longer do stealth PE.

However at the peak I did do about 900-1000 3 second jelqs per day which took a total of 45-50 min. I would do 100-300 at a sitting divided through the day. I didn’t really choose a number, that is what I ended up with at the end of the day. Yes at that time I did little stretching. I started increasing my stretches and decreasing the jelq time to mix things up a bit when gains seemed to be slowing down.

Right now I am only doing maintenance since private time is short (hectic time for me right now). But before this break I had cut my routine down to 25 min jelq (intense slow wet jelqs about 6 second duration) in the am and 10 min of bundled stretches in the pm. I do seem to continue to gain but it is painfully slow (I have only gained about 1/2” in the past year. Now that might seem fast to slow gainers and I acknowledge that. I guess I got spoiled to the rapid gains I started with. I think your work out looks fine. Looks like your total time will add up to about 45 minutes. As far as schedule I don’t really have any specific recomendation, just do what you think suits you. I did monday through wednesday off (or light) on thursday,

again worked out friday and saturday, completely off sunday. A lot of guys like 5 on 2 off, whatever. I do think that one at least rest day a week is needed (although DLD never takes rest days and he reports the biggest gains of all). If at all possible get your wife in on it and let her run interference for you. But I do understand that not every man can find the right opening for this and some women would be completely baffled by this. For me its simplified my life and the wife is more turned on than ever.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


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