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Question for Goodwood

Question for Goodwood

Hey Goodwood,

Howz it going? I read in one of your posts that you hand straight out via a pulley system in order to stretch the tunica. I was curious. How much weight do you use and do you hang sitting down, standing up or what? I posted this as a thread because I think that some of the others might find this information useful.

Thanks & happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Things are going great. I just broke through my plateau of 3 months with a solid 1/8”++ gain in BPEL. I haven’t had much time to participate in the forum lately, busy with work and home. But, I do log on every day to see what is going on.

I think what you are referring to was a hanging post I started called “bungee hanging”. I was thinking of ways to vary the hanging routine by incorporating an elastic bungee cord for resistance in the place of weights. My method is connecting the bungee cord to the leg of my bed as the stationary object. What I found is that it was a great change of pace, it stretched the ligs in ways I haven’t felt before and offers a great deal of flexibility in the positions and angles. I still use it quite often. You can lay down or sit while you “hang”. It also forces you to really focus on your ligs and pay attention to what’s happening down there.

Here’s the link
Bungee hanging

I have found that using this technique while sitting I get a great stretch in my tunica. If I rotate my body 90 degrees either way so that I’m perpendicular to the bungee cord I get an excellent “over the leg” stretch.

I think that using the bungee hanging technique was a key factor in breaking through my plateau. WORDS OF CAUTION! If you do experiment with it please take precautions to do this safely. The elastic bungee cord could detach and snap back into your pelvis and do you serious injury. Fortunately I have not experienced this. :)

Goodwood :chuckle:

Hey Thanks Goodwood!

I think that I’ll try the bungee method. I’ll certainly be careful. I don’t want to get maimed by a bungee.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

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