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Question for Goingdeep

Question for Goingdeep

Hey Goingdeep,

I have been wanting to ask you a question for a while. I kind of feel like you’re a bud since we have helped each other with info from time to time. I was curious, since you have gained almost 2 inches, have you noticed any differences during sex? You started at 5.7 EL and are now at 7.5 according to your chart. I started at 5.5 EL and am very close to 7 now. I have noticed that sometimes I hit bottom and usually always bounce off of her cervix. What has been your experience? My wife is kind of deep and has a bit more stretch to her vagina since she has had three children. I am thinking that I will need to get to 8 EL in order to really plumb the depths. (Thunder, if this is not appropriate in this particular forum, I apologize in advance and will edit if you say to). I am fairly certain that I can get to 8 by hanging, but I hate the hanger that I am using (that’s a whole nother story). In any case, I am rambling. I posted this in the main forum in case some of the other guys wanted to put in their 2 cents worth (and guys, I really value your 2 cents).

Happy hangin


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Jelktoid, what’s up man!

I don’t have a wife or regular girlfriend who has been around for the whole 2 inch growth period so I can’t give examples of how one particular woman thought about the difference in my penis size.

I did notice a difference in reaction with the last girl I was with. This was after a gain of about and inch and half. I just had more control over the sex because I could thrust in longer, deeper strokes and I could tell she enjoyed it more than most other occasions. I’m still small with girth, but the half in gain has made a trememdous difference in the reactions, more moans and grunts. I think I’m privileged in a sense because I had to learn how to satisfy women with a small tool. I used to be less than six inches in length and less than four in girth, but I have given woman multiple vaginal orgasism and put some women to sleep and that was with a super tiny penis. So technique goes a long long way. However, I don’t have to work as hard to be good in bed now and I’m sure when I get larger I’ll be a fierce fucking machine LOL!

Also, it has done wonders for my confidence which is half the battle when it comes to pleasing a women, but I know you are more concerned with the physical elements so let me get back on track.

I do hit bottom more often, but I have noticed that if a woman is extremely aroused, the vagina shifts somewhat, and allows for deeper entry. So if you get longer, you may have to go with more foreplay or whatever you do to get her more aroused and then give her the whole thing.

I really can’t wait to see how it is to have sex with more girth. I would be interested to hear what guys have to say that have gained an inch or more in girth and been with the same woman.

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do share with us your super sex techniques kind sir

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