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Question for Captain Hook?

Question for Captain Hook?

Hey Captain,

Long time lurker here. Just wanted to say I appreciate the effort, ingenuity and selflessness that went into the Wench. My problem is that I cannot find Grippers. I have been to Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s. Any suggestions for best replacement?


Ditto and kudos to Captain and all the Veterans that share the wealth of info/knowledge…

I found the grippers at both Walmart and Lowes. They were in the oddball section of where you put stuff on the bottoms of chairs or something. In Lowes they were next to indoor brackets, hinges, etc..

Also, if you print off the captains picture of supplies, the guy at Walmart (Hardware.Paint dept) immediately recognized the grippers.


Sixer is right that if you print the image the good people at Lowes will probably recognize the product. He is also correct about where they are located in the store - usually right within the hardware (nuts and bolts) section.

But if you absolutely cannot find them check into the Wench Alternative Supplies thread - there is good info on how to replicate the Waxman product.
Just keep in mind when using anything other than what is recommended that what you want from the grippers is something firm at its core yet with a forgiving exterior.

Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it.

Thanks guys,

Hopefully only one more trip to the mega stores and the Wench will be mine. After numerous trips I have come to believe that the hotties prefer super Target over Super Wal-Mart.

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