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Question for Big Girtha



I’ve been clamping 4 sets of 15 minutes and then I do some uli’s.

Do you think that’s sufficient for a day’s workout?

What was a day’s workout for you when you were PE’ing full time?

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Welcome Max: Start here:

Newbie Penis Enlargement Routine

I ‘m pratician of this exercise for 2 years ago but i never seen any gain in girth….
I do 10 minutes of jelq secco, 5 minutis of uli and 4 of stretch.
What do you say?

Originally Posted by Max91

I do 10 minutes of jelq secco…

jelq secco = dry jelq.

I would also like a dick the size of a redbull can.

Whats up Ymerej Esouhtaerg!


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