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Question About "Piss Pulls"

Question About "Piss Pulls"

I’ve seen a lot here about guys doing quick stretches after going to the bathroom. How do you get away with that in a public toilet? Use the stall? Aren’t you supposed to be warmed up in order to stretch effectively? Does this really help to improve the flaccid “hang” immediately? What about the flaccid girth? Just a couple jelqs and you’re there, all “fluffed”? What’s up wit’ dat?

Please explain.

obviously you can’t invest 10 or so minutes of warmup time for 30 sec worth of piss pull. I do them, mainly to keep the tissues extended between workouts. I don’t really expect much more than this out of piss pulls.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Lately after PEing for a few months I’ve been having this odd annoying problem where the last drop or two of piss is sticking to the end of my urethra and no matter how hard I jelq or shake to release the last two drops, I end up having to use toilet paper unless I want wet underwear the rest of the day. Never had this problem before I started PE so I don’t use public stalls anymore anyway..

I just go into one of those big handicap private toilets.
Less piss you have to worry about stepping on around the floor, and usually cleaner toilet seat (until I spray all over the board, of course).

Toilet stretches are supposed to be quick and dirty anyway like no more than a minute of pulling. No need to warm up for them. But if you’re on the shitter you might some time and do them for 5 minutes or so…though I’m not a big fan of that either…

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