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Question about pe programs

Question about pe programs

I’m curious (but have a good idea) about what people think about the program - big als natural pe program. I’m thinking about becoming a reseller for it. I like the way the site is presented and it seems the people who run it are very honest in their presentation. I haven’t ordered it yet but will soon - even so, I’m curious what others feel about it. The fact that there is a link in this forum to it makes me think that it is a good honest program - which is what I’m looking for to resell - not necesarily one with the highest payout.

Don’t worry - this isn’t some slimeball underhanded attempt to market any program - I just am happy with my personal results, most of which came about from info gotten from Tom’s site and I’m interested in making a little money and I’m wondering what people really think about the forsize site. Are there any resellers here? Are you making money with it?

By the way, I think this forum is great!

Thanks in advance.

It’s a very good site. There’s a lifetime membership for one fee, and is updated with new routines/ideas.

Many of the exercises on the site are well known, some not as well known. The training regimens, grouped according to one’s PE experience (i.e., beginner and advanced), are good for giving one a plan in PE, rather than trying this or that exercise. The site focuses on healthy PE, taking such concerns as over-exercise into account.

I would be more specific, but that would obviously be in violation of the terms of the subscription, and would be unfair to Big Al.

One of the best parts of the program is the yahoo groups message board. The subscription includes an invitation to the yahoo group, and Big Al responds to every message posted on the message board. As such, not only is Big Al honest, but he takes an active part in helping members of the program.

I did the beginner’s program for 3 months, and gained 1/4” length and 1/2” girth erect (not bad at all). Currently, I am using the BIB hanger and some of Big Al’s advanced routines… stay tuned for the results.

I haven’t tried other programs, but after subscribing to forsize, I don’t have to; consider me a satisfied customer.

I copied and pasted to the review section.

The name? Hmm… just kind of made it up. I guess I had in mind a name with no syllables (“Fuhnerfer”).

Feel free to try to read something in that gibberish hehe


Big Al’s is worth it…especially for a beginner. Helps to steer you in the right direction. He’s a class act.

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