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Question about lig pops


Yep got that exact same feeling of horror! The first time I got pops was during a long warmed up session and it did sound like a knuckle pop, didn’t feel like tearing. I heard somebody say it may acutally be the pubic bone popping just like a kuckle or joint (I can sort of pop one ankle, one shoulder and one knuckle at will).

But my “unheated instant pops” did sound more like ripping and did feel like a definite tear. It felt like it was on the left side first and then the second pop straight away on the right as though there was going to be lots more, sort of like bending a branch over slowly until it suddenly starts to snap in little bits. Or like in the movies where you see the guy hanging from a rope which is starting to get frayed over a rough edge and suddenly lots of fibres give way. I now like to get them and don’t worry much about them.

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I got my first lig pop about 5 minutes ago! Holy coincidence Batman! I don’t think it was my ligaments popping though. It felt like my septum. It almost seemed like a pop/electric shock. No pain at all.

Inch by: thats exactly what mine felt like, a quick electric shock, and then wonderment if everything was still attached to where it should be.

I had a few lig pops around the same time I gained 1/2” in length(2nd month of PE), I haven’t had any sinse then and gained another 1/4”

Well I haven’t had any like those ones anyway, I do sometimes feel sort of a pop like feeling but very weak and sort of feels more like ligs moving against eachother or something.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I got a similar pop in about the same place on the shaft (not at the pubic bone). This was a combo of a pop and rip, and was after a 10 min. warmup using a rice sock. Again stretching straight down. Hmm.

I’ve had 2 lig pops this week, so maybe another gain is around the corner, because I hadn’t had any sinse my last big gain. Hey maybe I’ll make my summer goals by my birthday! That’s be a great birthday indeed!

These lig pops happend when pulling straight out, both on the first stretch of the session.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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